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Andy Dwyer Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Andy Dwyer
NICKNAME: Andy Dwyer
DOB: 1 January 1981, 1982
BIRTHPLACE:  205 W Oak St Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450 America
BIRTH SIGN: Sagittarius
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Not Known
SPOUSE / WIFE: April Ludgate

Andy Dwyer Bio

The fictitious character Sir Andrew Maxwell “Andy” Dwyer KBE appears in the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. He was once the manager of the Shoe Polishing Stand at Pawnee City Hall. He is now married to April Ludgate, was formerly in a relationship with Ann Perkins, and is a successful musician in the band Mouse Rat. His alter egos include Burt Macklin, Kip Hackman, Johnny Karate, Jonathan Karate, and Sargent Thunderfist MD. Chris Pratt plays the role of the character.

Andy Dwyer is Ann Perkins’ boyfriend when we first meet him at the beginning of the series. The couple had been living together for three years, but during that time, Ann had developed more quickly than Andy had, and although Ann had begun a profession as a nurse, Andy continued to be a slacker and a pampered brat. Andy is now without a job but makes a living as the lead vocalist and guitarist for his rock band, known by various monikers in the past, such as Scarecrow Boat and, more recently, Mouse Rat.

He fractures both of his legs as he tumbles into the hole that is located behind Ann’s home. Because of this, Ann draws Leslie’s attention to the pit, which piques Leslie’s interest in having the hole filled in and transformed into a new structure. Ann eventually finds out that Andy lied to her about the length of time he required casts on his legs so that he could continue to get special treatment from her.

This infuriates Ann, and she ends her relationship with Andy and evicts him from their home. After that, Andy remains buried underground for a while. Nevertheless, he can get a job and get back on his feet with the assistance of Leslie. In subsequent years, he begins a relationship with April Ludgate and embarks on a career as a law enforcement officer to regain control of his life. He earns a perfect score on the written exam but does poorly on the personality test.

Andy is a true example of the starving artist stereotype since, up until Season 2; he had never pursued any occupation other than music. He has been a member of the band Mouse Rat since they formed, even though the band has never achieved success outside the independent music scene. His vocal approach is quite reminiscent of Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, which is fitting given that his musical style is alternative rock and the Dave Matthews Band is his primary source of influence for his music.

After the series’ events, he started producing music about tragedy, such as his fall into the Lot 48 Pit, the death of Li’l Sebastian, and love, specifically about Ann and April. His earlier music was often crude and awful in general. His most notable performances have been during the funeral for Li’l Sebastian and the Unity Concert held in Pawnee and Eagleton, respectively.

Later on, when a colleague hired him to sing at his nephew’s birthday party, he learned that he had a gift for children’s music. Because the children adored him and he had such a good time, April suggested he turn his hobby into a full-time profession. Initially, he was hesitant since he still harbored the ambition of being a rock star, but he ultimately decided to go through with it and became known as Johnny Karate.

Andy, while under the influence of alcohol, tried to collect an abandoned toaster from the bottom of a massive construction hole before the start of the season. Unfortunately, he slipped into the pit and fractured both legs due to the accident. Although Ann was initially unaware that he was intoxicated during the fall, the incident motivated her to attend parks and recreation meetings to advocate for the pit to be filled in. As a result of these meetings, Ann becomes friends with Leslie, the deputy director of parks.

Andy is in a lot of pain since both legs are in casts, but Ann takes care of him by bringing him meals and letting him play video games all day. Andy begs that the forms be left on for a little longer after the doctors tell him after a few weeks that they can be removed that the casts can be removed. This is so that he may continue to get therapy from Ann. Ann finally finds out about this after the forms have been removed, and as a result, she gets distraught with Andy, which ultimately results in the two of them parting up.

Andy had moved inside a tent in the pit and pretended to protect Ann as he watched her from within the tent. He made several unsuccessful efforts to make amends with Ann. Mark does not like Mark because he is dating Ann, but he acts as if he does while Ann is there. When Leslie arranges to fill the pit with dirt, she does so, oblivious that Andy is still inside. As a result, Andy sustains another injury.

Andy contemplates suing the municipality to get money and win Ann back. Still, Leslie persuades him to settle outside of court in return for the hole being filled instead of going to court. As part of the agreement between the two parties, Leslie offers Andy a position as a shoe-shiner at the Pawnee City Hall. Kyle, one of his most valuable clients, often witnesses him displaying impolite behavior toward him. Andy is currently oblivious to April Ludgate’s sentiments for him even though she has developed a crush on him in her capacity as an intern at the Parks Department.

Andy makes his first appearance under his identity, Burt Macklin from the FBI, in the episode “Greg Pikitis.” He is seen in this episode trying to question a young man named Greg Pikitis, a prankster. Andy starts to feel the same way about April toward the season’s conclusion, but their age gap drives a wedge between them. In the season’s climactic episode, Andy confesses to April that he has emotions for her and asks her out on a date, but April declines his offer since, in her mind, he still has affections for Ann.

The night that Andy is admitted to the hospital, April gives in to his persistent advances and gives him a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, Ann stormed off when Andy told her that she had kissed him earlier, and Andy said to her that she had. Andy is serving as the pilot’s head coach of a young boys’ basketball team. He is more comfortable taking a hands-off approach and, most importantly, letting the lads be themselves. Tom Haverford favors Ron Swanson in his dealings with him because he is envious that Ron Swanson is continuing to date Tom’s ex-wife, Wendy Haverford.

April Ludgate, who harbors resentment against Andy for having kissed Ann, returns from a trip with her new lover, Eduardo, even though she has not yet forgiven Andy. Andy, upset by the situation, promises to win her back. In the episode “Flu Season,” he steps in to serve as Ron’s assistant at the office. Ron tells Andy that April is in the hospital, even though he has been making efforts not to become involved in other people’s personal matters, and pushes Andy to go see her. Andy receives aid from Chris in “Time Capsule” to gain back April, which causes Ann to fear that Andy will once again intervene in her relationship.

April stands in for Chris Traeger as his assistant in the episode “Ron & Tammy: Part 2,” After being pleased by her performance, Chris Traeger invites April to work with him in Indianapolis, much to the disgust of Ann and Andy. To prevent April from relocating to Indianapolis, he spends the whole “Media Blitz,” making an effort to engage in behaviors that she finds intolerable. After Ron encourages April to stop playing Andy for his amusement, she finally forgives him and kisses him.

April tells Andy in the episode “Harvest Festival” that she loves him, but she is disappointed when Andy responds with “Awesome sauce!” rather than “I love you too.” Later, she finds out that this is only Andy’s method of showing affection for her. Andy and April have a dinner party they invite all their friends and family to in the episode “April and Andy’s Fancy Party,” but it turns out to be their wedding in disguise. Leslie concerned that they are going too rapidly, attempts to stop it; however, Ron reassures her that Andy and April must make their own choices.

Tom is ecstatic to find that he has been chosen as the best man, but he is disheartened to realize that Andy has more than one “best man.” Ben decides he has had enough of staying in hotels and moves in with April and Andy, only to find out that their apartment is filthy and they cannot care for themselves properly. April first pushes back against his plan to instruct them to behave like grownups since she is sure she does not want to surrender her independence.

Andy Dwyer Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone Number (734) 913-8858
House address (residence address) 205 W Oak St Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450 America
Official Website NA
Snapchat Id NA
Whatsapp No. NA
Twitch NA
TiKTok Id NA
Email Address NA
Office address NA
Office Number NA

Andy Dwyer Address Information:

205 W Oak St Lake Waccamaw,
NC 28450,

Andy Dwyer Official Website: NA

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  5. Andy Dwyer’s Phone Number, House Address, Email Id

Andy Dwyer Phone Number: (734) 913-8858
Andy Dwyer Email Id: NA

Andy Dwyer Fan Mail Address:

205 W Oak St Lake Waccamaw,
NC 28450,

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