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REAL NAME: Chris Traeger
NICKNAME: Chris Traeger
DOB: 26 October 1967
BIRTHPLACE: 3046 Golden Hills Ln, Missouri City, TX 77459
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Not Known

Chris Traeger Bio

Christopher “Chris” Traeger appears as a guest star in the second and seventh seasons of the show, although he is a prominent character in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. He is very upbeat and bouncy, and he typically defers to Ben Wyatt when delivering the harsh realities. Chris Traeger was a newborn diagnosed with a rare blood ailment. Doctors gave him a prognosis of just three weeks to live, but he beat the odds and is now a guy who is constantly upbeat.

He often uses the analogy of a microchip to describe his body and would say things like “a grain of sand could destroy it.” His body fat percentage is 2.8%. He is under the impression that he will be the first human to reach 150. It is also common knowledge that his parents were divorced or split in some other way and that at least one of them remarried at some point; this is shown by the fact that he has a step-brother who resides in London. The state of Wisconsin is where his mother lives.

In addition to that, he often uses people’s first and last names while referring to them. (For example, even when they were dating, Chris Traeger always referred to Ann Perkins by her full name.)After the second season, an auditor named Chris Traeger and his partner, Ben Wyatt, travel to Pawnee to examine the financial records of the community to fulfill an order from the state government in Indianapolis.

It seems as though he makes it a point always to maintain an upbeat attitude, frequently creating an effort to steer clear of unpleasant realities and engaging in the odd practice of greeting and farewelling others by pointing at them and pronouncing their full names, as though he wants to reassure them that he is aware of who they are. He is doing this to keep a positive outlook on life. Additionally, he appears to be preoccupied with maintaining his physical fitness by taking effective dietary supplements daily and logging ten miles of running daily.

He is under the impression that he will be the first person in the human race to reach the age of 150 and that his heart will be able to pump jet fuel. At the 21st birthday party for April Ludgate, a drunk Ann Perkins kisses him. Later, April Ludgate attempts to ask Ann Perkins out on a date, but she declines because she is trying to steer clear of relationships in the wake of her breakup with Mark Brendanawicz.

After the Pawnee government has resumed operations, Ann Perkins is instructed by Leslie Knope to ask Chris Traeger out on a date with her. Leslie hopes that by doing so, Ann will persuade Chris to contribute more money to the parks department. After Ann Perkins questions him about his perpetually upbeat demeanor, he explains that he was born with a blood disorder and was given only three weeks to live. As a result, he is grateful to be alive many years later, and this information causes Ann Perkins to develop a more profound attraction to him.

When Leslie Knope inadvertently reveals the reason for the date, he is upset; however, Ann Perkins makes it up to him by asking him out on another date. In the following scenes, we see him overcome with emotion due to the Pawnee Harvest Festival proposal. Ann Perkins is irritated that Chris Traeger looks too flawless, but when the illness hits him, he seems to lose it, much to her joy altogether. This makes Ann Perkins’s frustration with Chris Traeger go away.

Ann Perkins is having second thoughts about whether or not Chris Traeger wants to continue their relationship, particularly after he asked April Ludgate to accompany him to Indianapolis as an assistant because he would soon be returning there. One night, Ann Perkins finally succeeds in getting Chris Traeger to discuss the direction of their relationship. Chris Traeger unexpectedly breaks up with Ann during this conversation without her knowledge.

In the television show “Indianapolis,” Ann Perkins is concerned that her boyfriend, Chris Traeger, is cheating on her, so she confronts him about it. However, she finds out that Chris Traeger has already ended their relationship, but she is unaware of it due to how positive he was at the time. After Paul Iaresco suffered a massive heart attack, Chris Traeger returns to Pawnee in the episode “Camping” to take over as the interim city manager.

He eagerly encourages Leslie Knope to come up with more brilliant ideas and attempts to restore his relationship with Ann Perkins. However, because of his overpowering cheerfulness, she incorrectly believes that he wants to start dating again. In “Pawnee Rangers,” Chris Traeger meets Jerry Gergich’s daughter Millicent Gergich.

After confirming with Jerry Gergich that it is all right with Chris Traeger, the two begin a romantic relationship. Chris Traeger is overjoyed since Jerry Gergich has indicated no objections to their dating. Chris Traeger and Millicent Gergich attend the Halloween party hosted by April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer together. For the occasion, Chris Traeger dresses up as Sherlock Holmes, his favorite fictional character. Millicent Gergich dresses as a witch.

After Chris Traeger begins to lose contact with Millicent Gergich, he reluctantly enlists the assistance of Donna Meagle, Ann Perkins, and Jerry Gergich to assist him in finding Millicent. Ann Perkins has warned him that he is too approachable and needs to pull back slightly. In the story “Bowling for Votes,” Millicent Gergich breaks up with her boyfriend, which causes him to feel melancholy.

Leslie Knope uses the episode “Operation Ann” to persuade Chris Traeger that despite Millicent Gergich’s assessment of him, he is still a pleasant guy and should dismiss it. However, in the episode “Dave Returns,” Chris Traeger discovers Tom Haverford’s relationship with Ann Perkins and feels self-realized when he confronts Tom Haverford about it. This appears to cheer Chris Traeger up.

In the same episode, when Andy Dwyer asks Chris Traeger to perform for him (as Chris Traeger is working as a background singer on Andy Dwyer’s campaign song for the campaign), Chris Traeger sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” out of tune and with the wrong words, causing everyone else there to cringe. Ann Perkins asks Chris Traeger to be the biological father of their kid, that will be conceived via in vitro fertilization.

At first, he is uncertain, and he asks Ben Wyatt and the other people around him for assistance in making a choice. Following the events of “Bailout,” he reveals to Ann Perkins that he will be the child’s father. The two of them start going through parenting compatibility tests to determine how well they can collaborate in raising a child. They make the post-coital choice to restart a romantic relationship during the episode “Jerry’s Retirement.” Still, Ann Perkins is uncertain whether or not they should continue their relationship in the same manner as it is now.

During the sixth season, Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger are ecstatic about possibly having a child together. They have an ultrasound done by Dr. Saperstein, the father of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and Mona Lisa Saperstein. After the exam, he hands them a sheet of paper that indicates the gender of their unborn child. They eventually gave in to the anticipation and opened it. They, on the other hand, are unable to read it. Another consultation is set up by Dr. Saperstein, during which he announces that the couple will be expecting a son.

Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger decide to relocate to Ann Arbour, Michigan, to provide a better upbringing for their kid. Ben Wyatt is promoted to the position of City Manager, taking over for Chris Traeger. A going-away party is hosted for the characters Ann and Chris in the show “Ann and Chris,” It celebrates all of the major holidays that occur during the year.

The guys working in the Parks Department are left with a guilty conscience due to Chris Traeger’s preparation of thoughtful and individual presents for each of them. The episode ends with Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger saying their emotional goodbyes to their friends before heading to Michigan. When “Galentine’s Day” begins, Ann Perkins has just given birth to their son, Oliver Perkins Traeger. According to Ann Perkins, Chris Traeger was such an excellent birthing coach that the staff at the hospital invited him to help with another delivery that was taking place there.

Chris Traeger Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone Number +1.949.428.8500
House address (residence address) 3046 Golden Hills Ln, Missouri City, TX 77459
Official Website NA
Snapchat Id NA
Whatsapp No. NA
Twitch NA
TiKTok Id NA
Email Address NA
Office address NA
Office Number NA

Chris Traeger Address Information:

3046 Golden Hills Ln,
Missouri City,
TX 77459

Chris Traeger Official Website:

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  5. Chris Traeger’s Phone Number, House Address, Email Id

Chris Traeger Phone Number: NA
Chris Traeger Email Id: NA

Chris Traeger Fan Mail Address:

3046 Golden Hills Ln,
Missouri City,
TX 77459

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