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REAL NAME: Hugh Laurie
NICKNAME: Hugh Laurie
DOB: 11 June 1959 (age 62 years), Blackbird Leys, Oxford, United Kingdom
BIRTHPLACE: Blackbird Leys, Oxford, United Kingdom
FATHER:  Ran Laurie
MOTHER: Patricia Laurie
SPOUSE / WIFE: Jo Green (m. 1989)
CHILDREN: Rebecca Augusta Laurie, Charles Archibald Laurie, William Albert Laurie

Hugh Laurie Bio

He graduated from Selwyn College at Cambridge University with a third-class honours degree in anthropology and archaeology. In order to land the role in House (2004), he purchased a replica 1960s Triumph Bonneville bike in Los Angeles. Even in England, he was a lifelong cyclist. He enjoys the way the motorbike helmet makes him appear to be inconspicuous.

attended the Dragon School in Oxford, England, a prestigious British “public” prep school. Attendees included Emma Watson and Tim Henman, the tennis player.

‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ author Douglas Adams wanted him to play Arthur Dent in the film adaptation of his novel.’ However, he decided to change his mind. For Dent, Jim Carrey was cast as Zaphod, while Jay Roach was in charge of directing. Sadly, Adams succumbed to his injuries before the deal could be finalised.

Rowing (coxed pair) won the National Junior Championship in the United States (1977). Both he and his rowing partner competed in the World Junior Rowing Championships that year. They came in fourth place.

While filming House, he lives in a West Hollywood apartment (2004). Away from the set, he returns to London to be with his family during his downtime. If the second season is as good as the first, she plans to relocate to the United States. In Peter’s Friends (1992) and Sense and Sensibility (1995), he played Peter’s friend’s spouse, Peter’s friend’s husband (1995). (1995). As a child, William George Ranald Mundell Laurie was a descendant of Scots-born parents.

He is six years younger than the other three members of his family. According to the information we have, Charles, Susan, and Janet are his siblings. Sue serves on the board of directors of Save the Children, while Janet works as a nurse. Charles practises law in Scotland and is a shepherd.

Hugh Laurie Phone Number

This is exactly what his father did at the 1948 Olympic Games, and he is following in his footsteps. In the coxless pairs, he took home the gold medal. Hugh was compelled to give up oarsmanship during his stay at Cambridge due to glandular fever, which made it difficult for him to do so (mononucleosis). In the same way, his brother was an oarsman.

There are many diverse instruments in his repertoire: piano and guitar, for example. He also plays the drums, the harmonica, and the saxophone in addition to his primary instruments.

With J.S. Palmer from Eton, he rowed in the Silver Goblets and Nicklass Cup at the 1980 Henley Royal Regatta. Only a British crew qualified for the final and won. In second place was the American squad, which was widely expected.

Originally, he was cast as Perry White in Superman Returns (2006). The success of his TV series House (2004), on the other hand, posed scheduling issues for him. Then he was cast.

While he was a student at Eton, he served as the senior member of his dorm’s house council. In addition, he was a member of Eton’s rowing squad, the “Wet Bobs,” and played drums in the school orchestra. The guitar was a 16th birthday present from his father. Since then, he’s owned a Yamaha guitar, which was purchased the same year.

That he goes by James is irrelevant. ‘Mael Calum’, which means ‘Malcolm’ in Scots Gaelic and English, is the shortened version of this name. His middle name is Calum. Gaeilge or Irish Gaelic “Maol Colm,” which translates to “Colm” in short, is known as “Colm” in Gaelic.

He’s not a huge fan of Clint Eastwood or Steve McQueen, but he does admire them both a great deal. Every year, he was involved with the Cambridge Footlights. During his final year, he served as the group’s president as well as a writer and a cast member (1978-1980). (1980-1981). The vice president was in charge of Emma Thompson. Also, she was in command of the situation.

As a long-time rowing member of the Leander Club, it’s no surprise that this boat belongs to their group. The club’s former president used to be his father. William Laurie, the son of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, tried to get a part in a Harry Potter movie, but was informed he was too young. Rebecca Laurie, his five-year-old daughter, played Emma Thompson’s character in the 2001 film Wit and did quite well.

Keyboard-playing superstars known as “Band from TV” have formed a group called “Band from TV.” Many well-known actors and actresses have appeared in these films or television shows, such as Greg Grunberg from Heroes (2006), Bob Guiney from The Bachelor (2002), and Jesse Spencer from House (2004), to name just a few.

He finds it difficult to express how much he misses England. You might not like the British because of the architecture and the antagonistic nature of the populace. It doesn’t worry me that they’re so mean to each other. British honesty has nothing to do with it. You’re not deceived by them, and that’s the point. I think you can go a little over the top with the things that make Los Angeles cheerful, exuberant, and nice. According to other people, this city has a limit on how long you can stay here without going mad. In every manner, from the weather to the way people interact with one another to the way they work, everything is just too sunny.

On my bike, I only need a brown Aero leather jacket that weighs as much as I do. I don’t want to look like a [Marlon Brando] character when I wear a black dress!

In the past, when he was raising his children, Girls might be difficult to comprehend. The instruction booklet that comes with girls contains 800 pages. There aren’t any chapters 14, 19, 26, or 32, and the language is terrible, making it difficult to figure out what to do.

With folks who don’t believe in science, I have always had a hard time dealing with them. Because of this, I find it disconcerting that we are all so interested in Eastern cultures at this time. If I sneeze on set, I’ll get echinacea from 40 people who want to see me better. In any case, I’m not taking that. Instead, I’d rather swallow a pencil. As a method to stay in shape, I may have taken up boxing. Men in white pyjamas touching each other’s chi makes me feel that way to me

To put it another way, it sounds like you’re fiddling with your left hand while you’re trying to do a task with an American accent. While everyone else is playing tennis, you have a salmon in your possession.

I can’t even speak after I won a Golden Globe for House. My speech is nonexistent. Aside from shoe and cufflink offers, it appears that you’ll be receiving free colonic irrigations for two as well. When you have a job, you don’t receive a free pass to speak your mind. There doesn’t appear to be sufficient demand for it. The Dolce and Gabbana speech would be my fantasy come true.

Guilty as charged. The only thing I’ve ever learned about guilt is that. Guilt is now my specialty. We’ll be able to share notes when we next see each other.

As a result, it’s evident that giving an interview puts you in a vulnerable position. On a cutting board, you are slicing up your testicles. Stressful situations abound in my life. Everything stresses me out. There isn’t a moment when I don’t think about stuff. Here’s the sour part: After the fact, it is always done. Consider what I might have said or done differently. I can’t stand going through the same cycle of sorrow over and over again.

During the filming of House (2004), I had a dramatic shift in my personal life. I felt like I was on safari, admiring the exotic animals and their unique behaviour. Then again, the United States is made up of people who don’t feel like they belong until they find a way to fit in.. It turns out I’m not alone in this.

Prior to arriving to the United States, he expressed his desire that nothing would ever change. I’m not going to give up my roots.

However, despite my inability to let go of the notion that pain has a monetary value, there is a “psychological economy” at work, and if you want happiness, you must pay for it.

Being a celebrity is a waste of time and money. People’s happiness increases as a result of their enjoyment of entertainment, which in turn increases their own happiness. You might have thought of it as a movie, novel, or stage play about the end of your life. It was a method to mark the end of a successful week or month of work. These days, it appears as though the entire written language is punctuation. Most of all, I enjoy the Fair Isle sweater wearers with pencils stuck in their ears. In terms of mechanical device design, they were unmatched worldwide. I don’t think you should have any toys.

When Jack Wilson won a gold medal in rowing in the 1948 Olympic Games in London, he was accompanied by his father. It’s one of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen of them receiving their medals on a pontoon at Henley. “This is how you should act,” Dad said. “I’m going to make you a martini,” says Jack Wilson. This is something I’ve wished my father could appreciate.

He is the youngest of the four children in his family by six years. According to the family tree, he has a brother named Charles, as well as two sisters named Susan and Janet. A lawyer and shepherd in Scotland, Susan is on the board of Save The Children, and Janet is a registered nurse. Charles is all three of these things.

This is exactly what his father did when he competed in the 1948 Olympics. He triumphed in the coxless pairs. When Hugh was a student at Cambridge, he struggled with glandular fever, making it impossible for him to be an oarsman (mononucleosis). His brother and he were both rowers.

He sings and plays a variety of instruments, such as the piano and guitar, in addition to performing live. He also performs on saxophone, harmonica, and the harmonica in addition to drums.

During the 1980 Henley Royal Regatta, he and Eton’s J.S. Palmer competed in the Silver Goblets and the Nicklass Cups. They were the only British crew to make it to the finals that year, and they took home the trophy! As many had predicted, the United States’ team defeated them.

First, he was cast as Perry White in Superman Returns (2006). There were some scheduling complications due to House’s 2004 triumph. In the end, it was all for the best.

Eton’s house captain during his senior year in college. The “Wet Bob” rowing team at Eton was another sport that he engaged in, in addition to playing in the orchestra. It was a birthday present from his father when he was sixteen. A year after he received his Yamaha guitar, he had only begun playing.

It doesn’t matter if he goes by James or not. Scottish Gaelic and English “Mael Calum” is shortened to “Malcolm” in both languages, which is Malcolm in both languages. Calum is his given middle name. As “Colm” is spelled in Irish Gaelic, “Maol Colm” is spelled “Colm” in Gaeilge.

Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen are actors he doesn’t particularly like, yet he still has admiration for both of them. He participated in the Cambridge Footlights every year. From 1978 to 1980, he worked as both a writer and a performer on the show, and in his final year he was its president (1980-1981). To ensure that the vice president was safe, Emma Thompson was in charge. As a result, she was in charge of the organisation.

A long-standing rowing club, the Leander Club, has a new member. His father used to be the president of the club. Because he was too young, Harry Potter’s son William Laurie was turned down for a role in a film about the boy wizard. Emma Thompson’s character was performed by his five-year-old daughter in the 2001 film Wit.

Piano players known as “The Band from TV” perform together on stage. Greg Grunberg from Heroes (2006), Bob Guiney from The Bachelor (2002), and Jesse Spencer from House (2004) are just few of the famous actors and actresses who have appeared in these films or television shows.

It’s difficult for him to say what he misses most about England. British architecture and abrasive residents may turn some people off from visiting. I don’t mind that they’re a little rough with one another. Not that the British are known to be more objective. In fact, they aren’t deceiving you in the least. There are many wonderful elements to living in Los Angeles, but it’s possible to go a little overboard. Others claim that you won’t go insane if you stay in this city for a long period. In every aspect of life, from the sky to the way people interact with each other to their work, there’s just too much sunshine.

For work, I only need a brown Aero leather jacket that weighs exactly the same as I do. When I wear a black dress, I don’t want to seem like a [Marlon Brando] persona!

Years after having his first child, it’s tough for him to grasp the appeal of young women. It’s like getting an 800-page instruction manual from a female. It’s difficult to know what to do because there are no chapters 14, 19, 26, and 32.

I lose patience with those who reject scientific evidence. This disturbs me because we’re currently focusing so much on Eastern culture. I’ll get echinacea from 40 individuals who want to see me better if I sneeze on the set. In any event, I’m not going to accept it. In my opinion, that would be worse than eating a pencil for dinner. I’m thinking of taking up boxing as a way to keep in shape. That’s how I feel when I see men in white pyjamas stroking each other’s chi.

Your left hand appears to be tinkering with your American accent. Tennis players and fishermen like you can be found nearby.

After winning a Golden Globe for House, I couldn’t even speak. My speech on this occasion is completely unprepared. It appears like your admirers will be providing you with free shoes, cufflinks, and colonic irrigation for two in the near future. You don’t get a free pass to express yourself when you have a job. However, it doesn’t appear that there is enough need for it at this time. A Dolce and Gabbana speech from memory is something I’d like to be able to do in my wildest dreams.

Even now, I’m able to feel regret for what I did. I’m no stranger to the feeling of guilt. The fact that I’ve earned a black belt in guilt is something I’m proud of. When we meet again, we could exchange notes.

It is clear from this that interviewing is a highly delicate process. You are chopping up your testicles on a cutting board. My anxiety stems from a variety of sources. I’m exhausted by everything. I’m always mulling over ideas. The bad news is that this is indeed the case. Done immediately after a major occurrence. Consider what I could have done or said better. Repeating the same cycle of grief is unbearable for me.

The experience of filming House (2004) in the United States was eye-opening for me. I had the distinct impression that I was on an African safari when I observed the various exotic animals in action. Furthermore, there are many people in the United States who have yet to find a sense of belonging. In fact, I’m not the only one who is having this problem.

Hugh Laurie Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone Number+44 (0)20-7922 5799.
House address (residence address)Blackbird Leys, Oxford, United Kingdom
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA
TicTok IdNA
Email AddressNA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA

Hugh Laurie Address information:

Hugh Laurie
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213

Hugh Laurie Official website:

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2. Hugh Laurie Instagram Profile:

The most popular social media site is Instagram. On Instagram, you’ll find each person’s details as well renowned persons. You may also communicate with them via direct messaging if you use it. You may also use Instagram to view Hugh Laurie Insta profile and his most recent photos.

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Hugh Laurie
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213

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