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REAL NAME: Humphrey Bogart
NICKNAME: Humphrey Bogart
DOB: 25 December 1899, New York, New York, United States
BIRTHPLACE: New York, New York, United States
BIRTH SIGN: Capricorn
FATHER: Belmont DeForest Bogart
MOTHER: Maud Humphrey

Humphrey Bogart Bio

In addition to his roles in classic films such as “Casablanca,” “The Maltese Falcon,” and “The African Queen,” Humphrey Bogart was an American actor who was most recognised for his performance in “Casablanca.” He was born into a rich family in the New York City borough of Queens. Despite the fact that his parents wished for him to be successful academically, he showed little interest in his academics and was even expelled from school for misbehaviour.

He subsequently enlisted in the ‘United States Navy,’ after which he worked odd jobs to supplement his income. A stage management position was eventually available for him to pursue. After a few years on Broadway, he began doing smaller roles, and by the mid-1920s, he was able to land leading roles. After the stock market crashed in 1929, he was forced to relocate to Hollywood, where he was originally stereotyped as a gangster actor in B-grade films; but, his perseverance and hard work eventually paid off.

By the beginning of the 1940s, he had established himself as an established actor and a leading player in the entertainment industry. As a result, he began to pound the pavement with hit after hit. Many of his later pictures were regarded as classics in their own right.

Humphrey DeForest Bogart was born on December 25, 1899, in New York City, and became famous as a film actor. Doctor Belmont DeForest Bogart was a well-known heart surgeon, and Maud Humphrey Bogart was a well-known painter before they met. Young Humphrey served as a role model for his mother on a number of occasions.

Humphrey Bogart Phone Number

Humphrey was the eldest of three children born to Humphrey’s parents. He had two sisters, Frances and Catherine Elizabeth, who were his closest friends. His parents were very stiff and did not express any emotion when he was around them.

Humphrey began his educational career at Delancey School, where he remained until the fifth grade. The following year, he was sent first to the famous Trinity School, and then in 1917, to the similarly exclusive Phillips Academy. His parents intended him to continue his education at Yale University after high school.

He was expelled from the school in 1918, allegedly for throwing one of the groundskeepers into Rabbit Pond on the campus, according to the school’s records. He joined the United States Navy because he had no other choice. His service in the United States Navy assisted him in developing a distinct set of ideals that were not influenced by his family.

The Navy honoured Humphrey Bogart’s discharge from the service in 1919, following the conclusion of World War I. He returned home to find his father ill and the family’s money in tatters as a result of a disastrous investment. As a result, he began looking for employment. He landed a position as an administrative assistant at World Film Corporation, which is owned by theatre actor and producer William Aloysius Brad Sr. There, he was required to perform a variety of tasks and even tried his hand at script writing and directing, but he failed miserably.

In the end, it was William’s daughter Alice who encouraged Bogart to pursue a career in show business. He was initially hired to serve as her stage manager. The next year, in her production of ‘Drifting,’ he made his theatrical debut, portraying a Japanese butler and saying uncomfortably his one-line dialogue, “Drinks for my lady and for her most valued visitors.”

Bogart continued to work in his chosen sector, taking on further jobs when opportunities arose. Beginning in 1922, he began acting in a number of Broadway shows that took place in drawing rooms or country houses. Early on in his career, he was cast in small roles or as a secondary character in comedies such as ‘Meet the Wife’ (1923), in which he portrayed the role of reporter Gregory Brown.

‘Cradle Snatcher’ was the title of his first feature film, which he appeared in in 1925. His breakthrough on Broadway was quickly noted by Hollywood producers and directors. In 1928, he made his film debut in a short film titled ‘The Dancing Town,’ but he preferred to work on stage and in television.

Afterwards, the stock market collapsed in 1929, which had a significant negative influence on theatre production, with very little work available. As a result, Bogart, like many other stage performers, decided to make the move to Hollywood, where he co-starred with Spencer Tracy in ‘Up the River,’ a 1930 feature film directed by John Ford, among other roles.

Bogart continued to act in a number of films, but he was unable to create a significant impression. As a result, he decided to return to Broadway and began travelling back and forth between New York and Hollywood.

In 1934, he was cast as the lead in the Broadway play ‘Invitation to Murder.’ He died in the same year. Because of this, theatre producer Arthur Hopkins took notice of him and cast him in the part of vicious killer Duke Mantee in the 1935 drama ‘The Petrified Forest.

His performance in the play ‘The Petrified Forest’ drew the eye of Hollywood directors, and when Warner Brothers chose to create a film based on the same novel in 1936, he was cast in the same character as he had previously played. He became well-known as a result of the picture, which grossed $500,000 at the box office.

Despite his accomplishment, Warner Brothers offered him a twenty-six-week contract at a rate of $550 per week, which he accepted. Bogart had no choice but to accept this as a fact of life. These films, on the other hand, unfortunately stereotyped him as a thug. From 1936 until 1940, Bogart produced an average of one film every two months, and he did so under extremely difficult circumstances. Despite the fact that Bogart did not enjoy these jobs, he was forced to take them because he had no other choice.

In 1941, he was cast in the film ‘High Sierra,’ in which he played the character of Roy Earle. Despite the fact that it was a crime thriller, his character had some depth. Bogart was able to portray this convincingly in his film. He received a lot of positive feedback for the role. It was, in a way, the final significant unpleasant character that he had performed before retiring.

Bogart also appeared in ‘The Maltese Falcon,’ a classic film noir directed by John Huston in which he played the character of investigator Sam Spade, which was released in 1941. The film, together with its sequel, ‘High Sierra,’ successfully established Bogart as an established leading actor.

Bogart, on the other hand, had to wait three more films before he was cast in a romantic main part. Casablanca, directed by Michael Curtiz, starred him as Rick Blaine, an impoverished expatriate nightclub proprietor at a time of economic hardship. Not only did the part give him his first Academy Award nomination, but it also propelled him to the top of the studio’s roster.

Bogart went on to portray leading roles in films such as ‘Action in the North Atlantic’ (1943), ‘Sahara’ (1943), and ‘Passage to Marseilles’ (1944), among others (1944). A cameo appearance in the World War II fundraising film “Thank You Lucky Star” was also done by him (1943).

Following that, in 1944, he directed ‘To Have and Have Not’. It was a romance-war-adventure film based on a novel by Ernest Hemmingway, in which Lauren Bacall appeared alongside the main cast. When it came to box office receipts, the picture was a smash hit.

Despite the vast age difference between them, Bogart and Bacall built a close friendship that lasted until Bogart’s death in 1961. With ‘The Big Sleep,’ they were able to recreate the enchantment once more, earning $3 million dollars at the box office. ‘Dark Passage’ (1947) and ‘Key Largo’ (1948) were two more critically acclaimed films in which they appeared as a team.

Another important film produced in 1948 was ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.’ It was directed by Robert Rodriguez. It was the first Hollywood film to be shot outside of the United States, and it was directed by John Huston. Despite the fact that he did not receive any awards for the film, it is now considered to be one of the greatest cinematic classics of all time. Bogart continued to work in the film industry until 1956. His powerful performance in his final picture, ‘The Harder They Fall,’ (1956), gained him widespread appreciation from critics and audiences alike. In fact, his on-screen character was such that it contributed to the success of lesser films such as ‘Beat the Devil’ (1953) and ‘The Barefoot Contessa’ (1954), which were otherwise overlooked.

Over the course of three decades, Humphrey Bogart appeared in around seventy-five motion pictures. In particular, films such as Casablanca (1942), “To Have and Have Not” (1944), “The Big Sleep” (1946), “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” (1948), “In a Lonely Place” (1950), “Sabrina” (1954), and “The Caine Mutiny” (1954) are today considered classics on the big screen.

Humphrey Bogart and actress Helen Menken tied the knot on May 20, 1926, after a four-year romance between the two. The marriage, on the other hand, did not survive long, and on November 18, 1927, they filed for divorce.

Following that, on April 3, 1928, Bogart tied the knot with actress Mary Philips. Following that, Bogart relocated to Hollywood, but Philips, who had a successful career in New York, refused to accompany him to his new home. In the end, they divorced in 1938, but they stayed on friendly terms.

Bogart’s next marriage was to actress Mayo Methot, who he married on August 21, 1938. She suspected Bogart of infidelity, and the two became embroiled in a battle that earned them the nickname ‘The Battling Bogarts’ among their acquaintances. In the end, they separated and divorced in 1945. Bogart married actress Lauren Bacall for the fourth and final time on May 21, 1945, in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. Although they were more than a decade apart in age, the marriage lasted until Bogart’s death in 1957. The marriage had two children, Stephen Humphrey Bogart and Leslie Bogart, who were raised by their mother.

As Bogart neared the end of his life, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Because he never sought medical attention, it was not until January 1956 that his condition could be discovered. By this point, it was too late to undergo surgery or receive chemotherapy treatment. On January 14, 1957, he passed away as a result of sickness.

Bogart’s posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located at 6322 Hollywood Boulevard, was unveiled on February 8, 1960, in his honor.

As part of its “Legends of Hollywood” series, the United States Postal Service honored Bogart with a stamp featuring his likeness, which was released in 1997. In New York City’s 103rd Street neighborhood, on June 24, 2006, a stretch of the street was renamed ‘Humphrey Bogart Place’ in his honor.

When it comes to the exact cause of Bogey’s lip injury, there is some disagreement. According to one legend, while Bogart was serving in the Navy, a prisoner he was escorting attempted to escape and struck Bogart in the face with his chains. For fear of losing his job and being severely punished for allowing a prisoner to escape, Bogart tracked down the inmate and successfully transported him to the Portsmouth Naval Prison. Bogart, on the other hand, retained his signature lisp as a result of a poor job done by the surgeon who stitched up his face after the accident. Another version of his story is that he was 12 when he received a massive wood splinter in his lip, but the combat narrative is more spectacular – he is truly a legendary figure.

Bogie had a cameo appearance on the television horror series Tales from the Crypt several decades after his death (1989). The episode “You, Murderer” featured footage from many films that was computer improved and blended with a voice and body double to provide Bogart the opportunity to receive the episode’s top billing. John Lithgow and Isabella Rossellini appeared as special guests in “Bogie,” with the latter portraying her mother, Ingrid Bergman, in a spooky (and amusing) spoof.

His grandfather and Adela Rogers St. Johns were related by blood; his grandfather and her grandmother were brother and sister.

Not only did she co-star in Casablanca (1942), which was ranked No. 1 on the American Film Institute’s list of the Top 100 U.S. love stories (2002), but she also appeared in four other films on the AFI romance list: The African Queen (1951), which was ranked #xx; Dark Victory (1939), which was ranked #32; Sabrina (1954), which was ranked #54; and To Have and Have Not (1944), which was ranked #60.

Starred in the syndicated radio program “Bold Venture” with his wife Lauren Bacall, which was hosted by him (1951-1952). Slate Shannon was the name of his fictional character.

He was descended from English, Dutch, and German ancestors, as well as distant French and Belgian (Walloon) and Welsh ancestors. His surname was derived from the Dutch language. His ancestors had been in the United States since the 1600s on both sides of the family. Chesterfield cigarettes were his favored brand of cigarette.

Despite the fact that he was generally regarded as a modest and accommodating actor by most of his partners, he developed a hate for William Holden and Billy Wilder during the making of Sabrina (1954). Wilder later stated that Bogart, who was nearing the end of his life at the time of the film’s production, apologized for his behavior on the set and explained that it was the result of personal troubles on his part. Despite his criticism of Audrey Hepburn, he was able to maintain a friendly relationship with her. During the making of Casablanca, he and Ingrid Bergman didn’t speak much outside of the set (1942).

“I kissed him, but I didn’t know who he was,” she subsequently admitted. Several years later, after Ingrid Bergman had been romantically engaged with Italian director Roberto Rossellini and given birth to his child, he publicly castigated her for her actions. In his words, “you were once a huge star in your own right.” “Can you tell me what you’re doing now?” “I’m a really happy woman,” she responded. In later years, it was revealed that Bogart’s indifference towards Bergman had been driven by the extreme jealously of his then-wife, Mayo Methot, whose worries were fulfilled when Bogart began a relationship with future wife Lauren Bacall.

Despite being a terrible student, he was a lifelong reader who could quote Plato, Pope, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and more than a thousand lines from Shakespeare, among other authors. A writer’s admirer, he had a number of close friends who were also screenwriters, notably Richard Brooks, who directed him in the film “Deadline – USA” (1952).

According to Entertainment Weekly, he is the greatest movie star of the 20th century. After a decade of toiling in minor films, almost all of the roles that launched him into stardom came about as a result of George Raft declining them, from High Sierra (1941), in which he was first noticed as a viable box office draw, to Casablanca (1942), in which he became a true international star. Ironically, despite the fact that he was eclipsed by Raft for the first part of his career, Bogart continues to be revered, whilst Raft has all but been forgotten.

His marriage to Lauren Bacall took place at Malabar Farm, in the Pleasant Valley area of Richland County, Ohio, which was the home of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Bromfield at the time of their union (4 miles southeast of Lucas within Monroe Township). The house has been transformed into an Ohio State Park.

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Phone NumberNA
House address (residence address)New York, New York, United States
Official WebsiteNA
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Email AddressNA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA

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