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Lena Headey Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Lena Kathren Headey
NICKNAME: Lena Headey
DOB: 3 October 1973 (age 49 years)
BIRTHPLACE: Hamilton, Bermuda
FATHER: John Headey
MOTHER: Sue Headey
SIBLINGS: Tim Headey
SPOUSE / HUSBAND: Marc Menchaca (m. 2022), Peter Paul Loughran (m. 2007–2013)
CHILDREN: Wylie Elliot Loughran, Teddy Cadan

Lena Headey Bio

Actress Lena Headey is a native of the United Kingdom, where she was born and reared. Her spectacular rise to fame may be attributed to her role as Cersei Lannister in the blockbuster HBO series Game of Thrones. However, actress Lena Headey was not born in the United Kingdom but in a British colony outside the country. She had her early education in the United Kingdom.

Her mother was from Yorkshire, but she was born in Bermuda because her father, who worked as a police officer in Yorkshire, was stationed there at the time of her birth. Her father’s family hails from the county of Yorkshire. Following a period of five years spent in the archipelago, Lena’s family concluded that the gloomy region of Albion would be the best location for their new home.

The future actress was born and reared in Yorkshire. Thus, she spent her youth and adolescence in that region of the United Kingdom. Despite this, the young girl did not attempt to prepare for a future acting career during that period. Her attention was more on the clothing and accessories field than any other subject.

Headey often entertained fantasies in which she was successful in the fashion industry both as a model and a hairdresser, and she frequently daydreamed about realizing both of her ambitions. After receiving photographs of the 17-year-old Lena agent, the casting agency for the movie Waterland instantly began selecting performers for the film. After Headey had only recently participated in the casting call out of a mundane interest, the casting agent pushed the little girl to join in filming the movie. Only Headey had taken part in the casting call up to that point.

Lena has said she intends to attend the event in question. Headey made his debut in the acting world with the film Waterland. This was his first role. This was his first time working in the movie business. Before the shoot started, the performer was getting herself ready for it in every way imaginable. The young lady took part in various activities, such as equestrian and boxing classes, among other things.

Consequently, the aspiring actress’s very first part ended up being the ideal way for her creative career to get off the ground. Gyllenhaal made her debut in front of the camera for the first time in the film Stephen, which also included stars Jeremy Irons and Ethan Hawke, who already had well-established careers by the time Stephen was made. Lena shared the screen with both of these actors.

Next, after the initial movie had been out for five years, the business had been established for that long. During that time, it had become very competitive and overrun with possibilities. Lena has appeared in a variety of roles in a total of twelve different films. Because of the lady, the actor can now include the movie The Remains of the Day, Century, The Hunger, Band of Gold, and Merlin, among his credits. All of these films were made possible by the woman.

Lena Headey’s acting career is generally seen as having gotten off to a good start thanks largely to the film Aberdeen, released in 2001. The actress received praise for her performance in this specific part, which led to her being considered for the award for Best Actress that will be given out at the European Film Festival that will be held in Brussels.

Gossip and Onegin were two other motion movies released around the same period, and both garnered positive reviews from film critics and audience members who viewed them in theaters. Even though Lena’s subsequent roles did not get separate nominations, which would have allowed her to be nominated for any of the Oscars, her performances in those roles were extraordinary and vivid.

It is widely believed that the significant progress made in the situation is mainly because of Headey’s performance in the film 300, in which she plays Gorgo, Queen of Sparta. This theory is supported by the fact that Headey has been credited for playing a pivotal role in the film. Because of the exceptional job that the actress did in this role, she was considered for three critical awards for her fantastic performance.

The actress’s career was impacted by the movie that she considers her all-time favorite, and photographs of Lena have been published on the covers of some of the world’s most vital and well-known cinema magazines. The fact that the British actress was given the chance to portray Sarah Connor in the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was, in her opinion, the single most significant thing that could have happened to her throughout her career.

Because of his exceptional job in this role, Headey was recognized with a nomination for a Saturn Award. Throughout her career, the actress has been well-known for her plays in films such as Dredd, which was commercially successful, the suspense thriller The Broken, and the action-packed motion pictures The Purge and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Her earlier successes were eclipsed by the success of the critically renowned television series Game of Thrones, which drove its cast and crew to the industry’s most astounding heights of recognition. Her early triumphs were overshadowed by the success of the critically acclaimed television series Game of Thrones. The British actress has been involved in several projects. Still, her most challenging undertaking is adapting the popular fantasy television series Game of Thrones into a film.

As Cersei Lannister, Heady delivered an outstanding performance that will live on in the annals of history thanks to her role in the critically acclaimed television series Game of Thrones. Since 2011, the fantasy television series Game of Thrones has been shown in the United States on the cable television network HBO. The series is top-rated.

The book series “A World of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin served as the literary basis for the series and was translated into this cult classic by George R. R. Martin. George R. R. Martin is credited with creating this cult classic. In addition to providing the series with its intellectual foundation, the book series was recognized with eleven nominations for Emmy Awards. Lena has been working hard at creating this movie for the last seven years, even though the production of the well-known television series has long since been wrapped up.

The actress is confident that her character will only reign briefly before being deposed by either Arya Stark (Maisie Williams played the part) or Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Fans of the British actress are disappointed by Headey’s forecasts since they are familiar with Martin’s works of fiction and find Headey’s interpretations inaccurate. These admirers are unhappy since they are familiar with Martin’s previous efforts.

The book predicts that “calendar,” which translates as “younger brother” in Welsh, will be the one to put an end to Cersei’s reign of power. Tyrion gives his opinion on the matter, but most viewers think that Jaime, portrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, would be the one to murder the Queen. Even though Jaime was born a few months after Cersei, he is often called her younger brother. This is even though Jaime was born before Cersei.

It is never a secret to program watchers that the show’s creators, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, have a warm place in their hearts for Cersei. They underline that her love for children is the driving reason behind her character, and they urge that one examine the protagonist’s state of mind after the death of her youngest child. This is because her love for children is the driving force behind her character.

According to reports in the press, the HBO channel could not afford to film any bed scenes with the actress since each one would have to be shot separately and would cost too much money. It was disclosed at a certain point in the program that numerous fans of the show had accused Headey of having an attitude that was condescending toward the audience. This particular point occurred at a specific time in the program.

Fans of Game of Thrones are under the impression that they have been misled because the duplicate for Lena has been an exciting and outspoken scenario, as stated by Game of Thrones. Because of Headey’s immoral crimes, the religious fundamentalists put her character in jail as a punishment for her actions.

For Cersei to be released, she was required to shave her head and walk nude through the towns and villages near King’s Landing. In addition, she has been made to experience the subduing and demeaning actions of other community members. The British actress has said that she was not ready to go through such an event, and as a result, the task had to be carried out by Rebecca Van Cleave, the duplicate, instead of the British actress.

The British actress has given the impression that she was unprepared for the ordeal that she went through. The well-known American actress said that she had not adequately prepared herself to deal with an experience of this kind. Despite this, there have been reports of Headey being seen nude in public on many occasions. According to the British adaptations, HBO spent $200,000 on the safety of the material that was shot in Croatia and given the title “Walk of Shame of Naked Cersei.”

It was required to engage additional security personnel to “clear” the movie set of inquisitive audience members. This was one of the reasons it ended up costing such a significant amount of money. In any case, the organization will not react to such messages and will do all it can to avoid doing so. The first time Lena Headey and Jason Flemyng crossed paths was when they were simultaneously employed on the set of “The Jungle Book” set. This was how they became acquainted with one another.

Lena Headey Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone Number (212) 477-6047
House address (residence address) Hamilton, Bermuda
Official Website NA
Snapchat Id NA
Whatsapp No. NA
Twitch NA
TiKTok Id NA
Email Address NA
Office address NA
Office Number NA

Lena Headey Address Information:

TMT Entertainment Group
(Talent Management Company)
106B Nassau Avenue
Ground Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Lena Headey Official Website: NA

Best Methods to Contact Lena Headey:

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  3. Lena Headey’s Facebook Profile:
  4. Lena Headey’s Twitter Profile:
  5. Lena Headey’s Phone Number, House Address, Email Id

Lena Headey Phone Number: (212) 477-6047
Lena Headey Email Id: NA

Lena Headey Fan Mail Address:

Lena Headey
TMT Entertainment Group
106B Nassau Avenue
Ground Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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