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Patrick Rothfuss Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Patrick Rothfuss
NICKNAME: Patrick Rothfuss
DOB: 6 June 1973 (age 48 years), Madison, Wisconsin, United States
BIRTHPLACE: Madison, Wisconsin, United States
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Not Known
SPOUSE / WIFE:  Sarah Rothfuss
INSTAGRAM HANDLE: https://www.instagram.com/patrickrothfuss/?hl=en
TWITTER HANDLE: https://twitter.com/PatrickRothfuss
FACEBOOK HANDLE: https://www.facebook.com/Patrick.Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss Bio

Patrick Rothfuss was born in Wisconsin, where long winters and no cable TV led to a love of reading and writing, which led to his writing and reading. As a child, his mother read to him, and his father taught him how to build things. If you want to find the roots of his stories, look there.

Pat didn’t work hard as a child and didn’t live up to his full potential. Pat’s parents kept their love for him even though he didn’t seem to be interested in doing anything productive with his time. They also encouraged him, but in a very general way, because he didn’t seem to have any real skills.

Pat went to college as a chemical engineer because he liked the hard sciences in high school. In the end, he gave up that and decided to become a clinical psychologist instead. Finally, though, he gave up on that as well. He said he didn’t know what he wanted to do in life and changed his major to “Undeclared,” even though he had been in college for over three years.

As a student for the next six years, Pat worked three jobs and learned about everything that interested him. He studied everything from medieval history to the eastern theatre. It took Pat nine years of being an undergraduate before he could finish his degree in English.

In college, Pat found out that he was good at writing. he wrote poetry for a local literary series, a satirical advice column for the local paper, and the scripts for a radio show that was supposed to be funny. In two months, Pat finished the project he had been working on for seven years, a huge story about a man named Kvothe.

In the end, Pat had to go to graduate school for two years. After that, he came back to the university he had grown to love. During this time, his book was turned down by almost every person in the known universe. He cleverly disguised a piece of his novel in 2002 as a short story, and it won first place in a Writing Contest for Young People. Volume 18 of the anthology they put out had Pat’s story, “The Road to Levinshir,” in it. They sent him to a great writing workshop in Los Angeles.

Then, at that workshop, Pat met Kevin Anderson, and he told him about his agent, Matt Bialer. Matt eventually put Pat in touch with Betsy Wollheim, the president of Daw Books, who is now Pat’s favorite editor. So, the name of the wind was born.

Pat is still living in central Wisconsin. Because he doesn’t have cable TV, he stays inside and writes all year. If you were in high school, you might have met him at the college you went to. He still teaches there, as well as being an advisor for the Fencing Club and the College Feminists. Before and after reading and writing, Pat plays video games, hosts meetings at his house, and tries to make things with alchemy in his basement. He likes the world and the people he has made, and he likes that people get to meet them.

Pat Rothfuss is an English and fencing teacher at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He also teaches at the university. As a child, Rothfuss developed a love for books and reading because the long winters in Wisconsin and the lack of cable TV left him with few other ways to pass the time.

Patrick Rothfuss Phone Number

The University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, is where Rothfuss went to school. As a college student, Rothfuss changed majors several times, first in chemical engineering, then psychology. Before college forced him to declare and finish a major, a biographer said that he spent nine years as an undergraduate. His choice: English. Then, when he was at college and didn’t know what to do, he found that he had an interest in and talent for writing that he didn’t know he had.

In college, Rothfuss started writing for the local paper, a comedy radio show, and a literary magazine. This is how he came to write so many different things. It took him seven years to write a fantasy novel that he finished two months before he finished high school.

After he finished graduate school at the University of Washington, Rothfuss went back to his old high school and became an English teacher. Even after finishing his fantasy novel, the author kept writing. He turned an episode from it into a short storey and sent it to the Writers of the Future contest. You should read this storey, called the “The Road to Levinshir.”

It won him first place in the contest. Among the things he was given as part of his award was a trip to Los Angeles for a writing workshop, where he met a well-known science fiction author. Later, Anderson told Rothfuss about his literary agent, Matt Bialer. Bialer agreed to represent Rothfuss’s book.

DAW books president and editor Betsy Wollheim read the manuscript that Bialer sent her in time, and she liked it! Wollheim was excited to publish the book, which became Rothfuss’s first book, The Name of the Wind. The book is the first in a planned trilogy called the “Kingkiller Chronicles.” The other two books in the series have been finished and sold to Wollheim, Rothfuss said in an interview on his blog. They will be released about once a year.

You can read more about Kvothe in the book The Name of the Wind. He is a well-known sorcerer who can do a lot of things. When the storey starts, this is how: As an innkeeper, Kvothe, a man of old age, saves a traveller from a spider that was made of evil. He wants to record Kvothe’s storey so that it can be passed down through the generations. He starts to tell the young chronicler about his life as soon as Kvothe agrees to do this job.

In the beginning, he tried to remember. The book is what came out of that. A lot of the book is told in flashbacks. Kvothe’s life is told there. When he was very young, he was in a close-knit family of well-known performers. Young Kvothe is taught science and medicine by Abenthy as the group moves from place to place. She also teaches him about “sympathy,” which is a powerful form of magic. They all die when Kvothe’s family is killed by them.

He was only able to live because he had wandered off and was not there when they came. A sad Kvothe has to live on the streets with very little money. Take charge of your own life: He decides to do this again. Use your talents and skills to get ahead in the world again. The sorcerer’s college he gets into is very good. He quickly learns how to use magic, even though he has to pay for school and eat. Kvothe will have more power if he knows the real names of things.

They don’t like him because, when they came into the library to study, he brought an open flame. It angered a noble-born rival at the school when he did something that made him angry. To pay for his school fees, he took out a loan from the loan shark. The Chaldeans are a group of people who live in the area. Kvothe is good at what? In the long run, how will he be? Wollheim, the editor of The Name of the Wind, was the first person to get a lot of attention for the book.

Also, she wrote a long letter of praise for the book, calling it “the most brilliant first fantasy novel I have ever read in more than 30 years as an editor.” Adam Roberts, who runs the Strange Horizons Web site, said that. Additional compliments came from a wide range of reviewers. Web site critic Kathleen Bartholomew said the book is “one of those ‘first’ novels that surprise the reader with such power and skill that one wonders how the author has been able to stay unknown until now.” As a result of Rothfuss’ background, Bartholomew said that “he has been writing for years and only now has let his work loose to a grateful world.” SF Reviews.net critic Thomas M. Wagner agreed. ”

His next project is called “The Doors of Stone,” and it hasn’t been released yet, but he’s working on it now. Short storey: “How Old Holly Got There,” “The Lightning Tree,” and “The Slow Regard of Silent Things” are all set in the same world as “The Wise Man’s Fear.” They were all written after the book came out. A short storey called The Tale of Laniel Young-Again turned into a “100,000-word novel,” even though it was only two-thirds done. Rothfuss put the book on hold so that he could finish The Doors of Stone.

A lot of people know him for his series The Kingkiller Chronicle, which has won him a lot of awards. His first book, The Name of the Wind, won a Quill Award in 2007. Its follow-up, The Wise Man’s Fear, was the best-selling book in the United States in 2013.

In 2006, he sold his book, The Name of the Wind, to DAW Books. It came out in 2007. In addition, it was named one of Publishers Weekly’s “Books of the Year” and won a Quill Award. In 2008, it also won an Alex Award.

Its follow-up, The Wise Man’s Fear, came out in March 2011 and was No. 1 on the New York Times Hardback Fiction Best Seller List when it came out. The Slow Regard of Silent Things was released in October 2014 as a companion storey to The Kingkiller Chronicle. It was written by Auri, a character in the book.

In August 2012, he started a podcast called The Story Board that talked about fantasy. It featured authors like Terry Brooks and Brandon Sanderson, and the show was called The Story Board. The Story Board aired eight times.

At the end of June of that year, he began to record an audio show with his friend Max Temkin named Untitled Patrick Rothfuss. The show was called “Unattended Consequences.” In 2014, the author started working with James Ernest to make an abstract strategy game called Tak based on a game from his book The Wise Man’s Fear. Tak is based on a game from the book.

During the Penny Arcade’s live D&D game Acquisitions Inc., he has played a character named Viari. He also played a guest role in its spin-off show, “The ‘C’ Team.” He also played Kerrek, a guest character on Geek and Sundry’s show Critical Role, in episode 56, “Hope,” and again in episodes 81 to 84, which are called “Hope.”

As for him, he also sent an email, too. “Passed Through Fire” was episode 69. You can read the episode here. In Episode 10 of Season 2, Wil Wheaton played Lords of Waterdeep with a guest from the United States. He won, and they played together.

Born and raised there: He later moved there with his two kids and partner Sarah. In the past, he has not told her about her father, mother, brothers, and sisters. When he shows them to the public, we’ll let you know.

When Patrick Rothfuss was a little boy in Madison, Wisconsin, he went to the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point to get a degree in English. He did that in 1999. He wrote for the campus paper, The Pointer. He also made a parody of the Goodtimes Virus virus warning that was widely shared.

James went to Washington State University to get an M.A. and then came back to teach at Stevens Point. “The Road to Levenshir,” an excerpt from his unpublished novel The Wise Man’s Fear, won the Writers of the Future 2002 Second Quarter competition in 2002. It was an excerpt from the book.

He is going to marry his girlfriend, Sarah Rothfuss. They have two sons and live in a house they bought in the US. It’s shown below how the couple talked on Facebook.

Patrick: Ah, crap. Another one? Love that makes you sad “Sadness,” you know. Is it possible that you don’t know what emotions are called?So I wasn’t going to write a Valentine’s Day blog post, but I changed my mind. Part of the time, I’m busy. Because I could really care less. Because I’m a person who isn’t like the rest of the world.

here have been a few things today that have made me think about the nature of love. I’m also interested in that. If by chance this post happens to be relevant at the right time, so be it. There’s no harm in being on time once in your life.

A writer and college lecturer from the United States named Patrick has a net worth of $4 million dollars as of this year. He is best known for his book series, The Kingkiller Chronicle, which he wrote. When it comes to writing, Patrick is one of the best in the U.S. You can go to our website, pátriсkrоthfu. cоm, to find out more.

People who help each other call the group “Worldbuldеrs.” The group was started around 2008. It started with the help of the Satriсk and has raised almost $7 million dollars to help people in developing countries get a better education, health facilities, and other things that they need.

One of Patrick Rothfuss’ books is called “The Name of the Wind: Day One.” This is a fantasy book about a hero called “The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One.” It is the first book in the Kingkiller Chronicles, which is a fantasy series. The Wise Man’s Fear is the second book in the series. This book came out on March 27, 2007. It was written by DAW Books.

The 45-year-old came up with the idea that he wanted to write a completely new kind of book that didn’t have the same things that make it a fantasy book.

The book is broken into two parts: one in the present, told by a third-person narrator; the other in Kvothe’s past, told by Kvothe himself. Besides the main text, it also has a “prologue” and an “epilogue.” These two texts are almost word-for-word the same, but they have a few changes that can make people think in different ways. It says Seattle is “a port city in western Washington near the Puget Sound.” Will write about… in this paper.

No, not yet. Is TED talk the joke now? Please tell me how young people are having fun now. City: I’m alone and I don’t know where to start. When I want to buy a hot dog from someone on the street, how many nickles do I need? People still sell things on the street. No, they aren’t.

As soon as I’m not trying to figure out how to speak the language of today, I’ll be at PAX West (!). I’m sure I’ll be on stage with my Acc Inc friends singing all the Ds.

We also have some booth space at PAX for the first time in a long time with some real, real merch. I’m going to be at the Table Titans Booth when I come (7609).

There are a lot of places that I go to regularly, but I can’t remember the last time I had books for people, let alone the sexy new 10th anniversary edition of NOTW…

We’ll also have Tak sets, special capstones, decks of NOTW-themed cards, handmade dice, and a lot of other cool things. All kinds of books I’ll sign for you. It’s a great collection of geeky things. It hits.

It doesn’t stop there. For example, there are only a few Rick and Morty comics left, so if you’re really excited to buy one, you might want to get there soon. In the past, I’ve been asked to sell books at this show for a long time. Now that they’re actually here, they might sell out quickly when people hear that they’re there.

Here are all the official things I’m going to do over the weekend: A mistake was made in the first draft of this blog, especially with the Sunday and Monday times. Those are the correct times and places now.

Patrick Rothfuss Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone NumberNA
House address (residence address)Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/patrickrothfuss/?hl=en
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Patrick.Rothfuss
Twitter https://twitter.com/PatrickRothfuss
TicTok IdNA
Email AddressNA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA

Patrick Rothfuss Address information: NA

Patrick Rothfuss Official website: NA

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Patrick Rothfuss phone number: NA
Patrick Rothfuss email id: NA

Patrick Rothfuss Fan mail address: NA

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