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REAL NAME: Paul Newman
NICKNAME: Paul Newman
DOB: 26 January 1925, Shaker Heights, Ohio, United States
BIRTHPLACE: Shaker Heights, Ohio, United States
BIRTH SIGN: Aquarius
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Not Known

Paul Newman Bio

Paul Newman was an American actor, entrepreneur, professional race car driver, activist, and philanthropist who won an Academy Award for his work. He is widely recognised as one of the most attractive guys to have ever graced the silver screen. He was an award-winning actor, but he was also a successful race car driver, winning several national championships. He inherited his love of performing from his mother, who was a big fan of the theatre. Many school plays were performed by him, despite his preference for athletics. During ‘World War II,’ he joined the ‘Navy Air Corps,’ where he worked as a radio operator.

After the war, he pursued a career in acting on Broadway, where he found success. Because of his good appearance and body, he was cast in Hollywood films. As a prominent actor, he appeared in films such as ‘The Hustler’ and ‘The Color of Money’ in a short period of time. He wasn’t just an actor; he was also a businessman and co-founder of ‘Newman’s Own,’ a food firm. Aside from that, he was also noted for his charitable endeavours.

Theresa Newman and Arthur Sigmund Newman gave birth to Paul Leonard Newman on January 26, 1925, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The sporting goods store his father had was a success, and his mother stayed at home to raise their children. He only had one sibling who was older than he was.

Paul Newman Phone Number

Paul inherited his mother’s love of the theatre, a passion that he passed on. He aspired to be a professional athlete as a child and also enjoyed performing in school productions. When he was a kid, he was a football player as well. In 1943, he graduated from Shaker Heights High School and briefly attended Ohio University in Athens.

During ‘World War II,’ Paul Newman joined the ‘Navy Air Corps,’ where he worked as a radio operator. In 1949, he returned to ‘Kenyon College,’ where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama and economics. As a result, he honed his acting skills by working with summer stock groups and touring with them. Yale School of Drama and the Actors Studio in New York City helped him hone his acting abilities.

When he made his Broadway debut in William Inge’s ‘Picnic’ in 1953, it marked the beginning of a long and distinguished career. This was also when he first appeared on television and in the movies. Although The Silver Chalice (1954) was a box office failure, the rest of his career has been more successful.

In 1956, when he starred as Rocky Graziano in ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me,’ he finally received attention for his attractive looks and acting abilities. In 1958, he co-starred in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,’ staring Elizabeth Taylor, which was also a smash.

In Otto Preminger’s epic picture ‘Exodus,’ based on Leon Uris’ novel, he starred in 1960. He had a successful run in the 1960s with pictures including “The Hustler,” “Hud,” “Harper,” “Hombre,” and “Cool Hand Luke” (1967).

The film ‘Rachel, Rachel’ (1968), starring his wife Joanne Woodward as the titular character, was his first foray into filmmaking. A ‘Golden Globe Award’ and ‘New York Film Critics Circle’ Award were given to him for his work on the film.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he maintained a thriving career. ‘Eddie Felson’ was the character he played in the 1986 film “The Color of Money.” His portrayal in the movie earned him a slew of honours and accolades. He worked in the film industry until the end of his life.

Motorsports were a big interest of his in addition to movies. As a race driver, he was a regular participant in SCCA events and won multiple national championships in the process. As Edward “Fast Eddie” Felson in the 1986 film ‘The Color of Money’ based on Walter Tevis’s 1984 novel of the same name, he was nominated for an Oscar. The picture was well-received by critics, who praised Newman’s turn as well.

In 1982, Newman and A. E. Hotchner co-founded a food product line named ‘Newman’s Own’ with the help of Hotchner. In the end, he gave away all of the company’s post-tax earnings and royalties. Donations from his company had topped $535 million as of December 2018.

A program called “SeriousFun” was co-founded by him in 1988 to help children with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease, cancer, and other serious illnesses have fun at summer camps. The network has provided services to more than 732,306 children since it was first set up in 2003. For his portrayal of “Eddie Felson” in “The Hustler,” Paul Newman won the “BAFTA Award,” “Laurel Award,” and “Mar del Plata Film Festival Award” for “Best Actor,” respectively (1961).

In recognition of his “many and unforgettable and riveting movie performances,” he was awarded an honorary “Academy Award” in 1986. On the other hand, he earned an Academy Award for his portrayal of “Fast Eddie Felson” in “The Color of Money” back in 1986. He earned multiple honours for his role in “Nobody’s Fool” (1994), including the “National Society of Film Critics Award” for “Best Actor,” the “New York Film Critics Circle Award” for “Best Actor,” and the “Silver Bear” at the “Berlin International Film Festival” for “Best Actor.”

The ‘Award for Greatest Public Service Benefiting the Disadvantaged,’ granted yearly by the ‘Jefferson Awards,’ was given to Paul Newman and his wife in 1994. A ‘forever stamp’ bearing his portrait was released by the US Postal Service in 2015. Between 1949 until 1958, he was married to Jackie Witte. Three children were born from this union.

In 1958, he tied the knot with actress Joanne Woodward. In addition to their three children, they had two sons. He found happiness in his second marriage, and the two were married for 50 years before Newman died in 2008. A member of the “Universal Life Church,” he was an ordained preacher. Lung cancer took its toll on Paul Newman in his latter years, and he passed away on September 26, 2008, at the age of 83.

Newman was born January 26, 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio the second son of Arthur Sigmund Newman and Theresa Fetsko. His father died in 1950, and his mother gave birth to Paul Leonard Newman on January 26, 1925. (died 1982). He has an older brother named Arthur S. Newman Jr., who was named after his father, an immigrant from Poland and Hungary who managed a successful sporting goods store.

He was raised by a Roman Catholic Slovak family in Homonna, Pticie (in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire), whose daughter Terézia Fecková (née Newman) later became a Christian Scientist. He was inspired by her and her brother, Newman’s uncle Joe, who shared a passion for the arts. It wasn’t until high school that he got his first acting role. Paul Newman grew up in the affluent Shaker Heights neighbourhood of Cleveland as the son of a well-off family. Prior to becoming an actor, Newman owned his family’s sports goods company in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 25-year-old Newman had served three years in the United States Navy as a radio operator during World War II, graduated from Ohio’s Kenyon College, married his first wife Jacqueline “Jackie” Witte (born 1929), and had his first child, Scott, by the time of his expulsion from the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at Ohio University. His father died in the same year. When Newman rose to fame later in life, he expressed sadness that his father had not been alive to see his accomplishment. For a little time, he ran his father’s store in Shaker Heights and took Jackie back with him. In order to pursue his true calling, he moved Jackie and Scott from New York to Connecticut, where he entered Yale University’s School of Drama.

During a performance in New York City, Newman was approached by two agents who invited him to pursue a career as an actor in the Big Apple. After arriving to New York, he appeared in a number of television shows as a guest star, and in 1953 he had a major breakthrough. “Picnic,” a smash hit Broadway show, cast him as the star’s understudy. While working on this play, he became acquainted with actress Joanne Woodward (born 1930). Despite the fact that they got along great and had a strong attraction, Newman had already married and had a child the next year, Susan. Newman was admitted into the highly regarded and well-known New York Actors Studio at this time, despite the fact that he did not really audition for the studio.

When The Silver Chalice was launched in 1954, Newman was initially hesitant to take part in it (1954). He was so embarrassed by his performance in this costume drama that he bought a full-page ad in a trade publication to apologise to anyone who might have seen it. He enjoyed in making fun of the film since he had always been embarrassed by it. He was itching to get back on stage right away, so he appeared in “The Desperate Hours.” The role of boxer Rocky Graziano in 1956’s Somebody Up There Likes Me gave him a second opportunity in the film industry, and critics praised his performance. In 1957, with only a few films under his belt, he was cast alongside Joanne Woodward in The Long, Hot Summer (1958).

They recognised they were meant to be together while filming this movie, and by this time, Newman’s ex-wife Jackie had also realised this and filed for divorce from him. In January 1958, he tied the knot with Woodward in Las Vegas. They had three girls together and raised them in Westport, CT. In Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Newman garnered his first Oscar nod for Best Actor in 1959. (1958). With three additional Best Actor Oscar nominations for The Hustler (1961), Hud (1963) and Cool Hand Luke (1965), Newman became one of the most popular actors of the 1960s (1967). Newman’s first directorial effort, Rachel, Rachel (1968), was praised by critics, although he was not nominated for Best Director at the Oscars. He did, however, earn a Golden Globe nomination for his work as a director.

1969 brought the iconic cinematic pair of Newman and Robert Redford together for the first time when Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) was released. From well-known films like The Sting (1973) and The Towering Inferno (1974) to obscure ones like The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) and the cult classic Slap Shot, Newman had a hit-and-miss decade in the 1970s (1977). His personal life and cinematic choices changed after the death of his only son, Scott, in 1978.

It’s his acting work from the 1980s and on that gets the most attention from reviewers. This newfound confidence was evident in 1982’s The Verdict, which earned him his sixth Best Actor Oscar nomination. Nearly three decades after Woodward’s first win for The Color of Money, he finally received his in 1987. Because Newman was unable to attend the ceremony, Robert Wise, the director of Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956), accepted on his friend’s place.

He wasn’t just thinking about movies throughout this time. Race car driver since the early 1970s (despite being color-blind) and co-founder of the Newman-Haas racing team in 1982, he launched “Newman’s Own,” a successful food company that has earned more than $100 million, which he gave to charity. For youngsters with chronic illnesses, he founded The Hole in the Wall Gang Camps. In addition to his acting prowess, he was well-known for his philanthropy and commercial acumen.

It’s hard to believe that Newman and Woodward were married for fifty years. After leaving Hollywood in 1960 and moving to the East, they settled in Connecticut as their principal abode. When asked about the fact that salad dressing sales were outpacing his films in 1998, the comedian joked that he was “a little embarrassed.” Late in life, Newman continued to attend races, participate in his charity organisations, and opened a restaurant called Dressing Room that benefits the Westport Country Playhouse. Newman took tremendous delight in the Westport Country Playhouse. Actor Paul Newman made news in 2007 when he declared he was losing his inventiveness and confidence in his acting abilities, but the public didn’t know he was suffering from a terrible disease. Newman, an avid cigarette smoker who passed away from lung cancer on September 26th, 2008, at the age of 83.

Shaker Heights, Ohio, was Newman’s home town. It is said that he was expelled from Ohio University before enlisting in the U.S. Navy during World War II. After being discharged from the military, he attended Kenyon College in Ohio, where he participated in several plays. The loss of his father in 1950 forced him to return to his hometown and work as a stock actor. At Yale, Newman worked for a year as the manager of his father’s sporting-goods store before deciding to pursue acting professionally. For his acting prowess, he left the programme in 1952 and moved to New York City, where he studied at The Actors Studio.

Inge’s Picnic was Newman’s Broadway debut in 1953. He ran upon Joanne Woodward, an understudy, while working on the production and struck up a friendship. They tied the knot in 1958 and went on to have one of the most enduring love stories in Hollywood. Newman was signed to Warner Brothers because of his performance in Picnic, and his first major picture, The Silver Chalice, was critically blasted and deemed by many to be the worst of the decade. Our Town (1955), which aired on Producers Showcase, and Bang the Drum Slowly (1956), which aired on The United States Steel Hour, were two of Newman’s best-reviewed live-TV dramas. He also continued to perform on stage.

Newman was immediately given another film job due to his striking good looks and magnetic personality. While playing Rocky Graziano, he established a long and successful career in movies with Robert Wise’s Somebody Up There Likes Me. In the years that followed, she received critical praise for her roles in a number of noteworthy dramas. As a self-destructive former football player who is at odds with his father, Newman received his first Academy Award nomination for his performance in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), an adaption of the Tennessee Williams play starring Elizabeth Taylor and Burl Ives. Woodward and Faulkner co-starred in The Long, Hot Summer (1958), the first of 10 feature films based on Faulkner’s short tales.

The story revolves around a vagrant who becomes caught up in a wealthy family’s web of intrigue. Billy the Kid was played by Newman in the 1958 film The Left Handed Gun. The Young Philadelphians (1959), a melodrama in which he played a manipulating attorney, was his final film of the decade. When Otto Preminger’s epic picture Exodus, based on Leon Uris’ novel about the creation of Israel, was released in 1960, Newman starred in an international cast. In 1961, he portrayed “Fast” Eddie Felson, a pool shark, in The Hustler, a role that probably best established his movie persona.

The Hustler was the first of several films in the 1960s in which Paul Newman played an antihero, a performance that earned him yet another Oscar nomination. For example, in Hud (1963), he portrayed a womanising, self-centered manipulator eager to take over his ageing father’s cattle empire, based on the Larry McMurtry novel Horseman, Pass By. Moviegoers adored the role, which was a testimonial to Newman’s likeability, surprising the actor, who garnered his third Oscar nomination. He starred as a hard-drinking private investigator in the mystery Harper in 1966.

The Drowning Pool, a 1975 sequel, had him reprise the role. He starred in the western Hombre (1967), based on Elmore Leonard’s novel, after Alfred Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain (1966). As a wisecracking criminal in Cool Hand Luke (1967), Newman was nominated for an Oscar for his performance, making him one of the most iconic characters on the silver screen. Newman’s image as an affable iconoclast was cemented in the sequence of performances.

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