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Ron Swanson Contact Details:

REAL NAME: Ron Swanson
NICKNAME: Ron Swanson
DOB: 1967
NATIONALITY: 193 Miriam St, Guyton, Georgia 31312 America
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Tamara
SIBLINGS: Don Swanson, Lon Swanson, Vaughn Swanson
CHILDREN: Jon Swanson , Zoey Lewis, Ivy Lewis

Ron Swanson Bio

In the NBC comedy-drama Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman portrays the fictitious character Ronald Ulysses “Ron” Swanson. Ron is a member of the Parks and Recreation team. He was formerly married to not one but two different ladies named Tammy Swanson, and he is now married to another woman named Diane Swanson.

He was Leslie Knope’s deadpan boss as the head of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department until she left the department to become a city councilor and then again when she returned to the department after she was recalled. He served in this capacity until she left the department for the first time to become a city councilor. In the latter part of 2014, he resigned from the Parks department and established Very Good Building and Development Co.

Ron likes being alone. In the office, Ron presents himself sternly; however, behind the scenes, he is known as Duke Silver and plays the saxophone. In addition to that, he takes pleasure in artichokes, plums, and challenging puzzles or scavenger hunts. (No one else saves. Leslie Knope is in the know.)Tamara Swanson gave birth to Ron, who was afterward delivered by his future wife, who worked as a candy striper at the hospital. Ron’s future wife is also known as Tammy I.

Leslie Knope was the one who unearthed the fact that Ron’s birthday was a long-held secret at Baskin-Robbins, even though everyone else at the shop knew about it. When he was seven years old, he experienced crying for the very first time after being run over by a school bus. Ron started working at a sheet metal mill when he was only nine years old, and after two weeks, he was responsible for running the floor.

At eleven, he was allowed to fulfill a lifelong ambition of working with leather by accepting a position at a tannery. He attempted both of these things while still completing his studies at the middle school, but he finally concluded that he could only be successful at one thing at a time. Ron went to his first prom when he was 12 years old, and although he had a good time there, he didn’t feel the need to attend another one since he believed he was now too old for such an event.

When it came time for Ron to enroll in college, his father, who didn’t place a high value on education, sent him to work at a metal factory instead. But Ron didn’t let that stop him; he hitchhiked his way to college, where he gained a lot of wisdom about life. When they were younger, one of his brothers accidentally shot him in the foot with a nail gun, and another brother, or maybe the identical brother, is now serving in the Air Force. He has four brothers in all.

Don, Bob, Vaughn, and Lon Swanson are his brothers, and he named the youngest of the four, Lon, after his own uncle Lon. For six years, Ron Swanson served as the Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. During his time as head of the department, Ron consistently brought it in under its budget, demonstrating his commitment to reducing waste in government. Ron thinks that the public sector should be privatized and instead model its operations after the family entertainment company Chuck E. Cheese.

While working for the department, he was responsible for the closure of many unused recreational areas, such as the Portola Skate Park, the Grice Dog Run, the Morris-Easton Observatory, the Mohanga Native American Heritage Centre, and the majority of public drinking fountains. He avoids conflict wherever possible and offers Leslie a great deal of latitude in determining how the department should be managed.

On his desk, he maintains the empty casing of a claymore mine (which is stocked with party supplies, although he doesn’t find out about this until the episode titled “Leslie & Ron”) as well as a sawed-off shotgun so that those who ask for goods have to look down the barrel of the weapon. In addition to that, he takes pleasure in working with wood, eating breakfast meats, and reading Ayn Rand’s books. In his spare time, he performs under the stage name “Duke Silver” as a jazz saxophonist. He is also an enthusiastic hunter and fisherman.

His immediate boss is the City Manager, who has been named Paul, Chris, and eventually Ben during his tenure. There is at least one additional sibling who has not been seen, and he is an officer in the Air Force. It is established that he has at least two brothers named Don and Lon and one named Vaughn. All of his brothers worked at Very Good Construction alongside him, and he prefers to keep their identities a secret. When asked whether his family had a history of mental illness, he offered an uncle who “does yoga” in response to the question.

Ron appears to have a Ford F-100 manufactured between 1978 and 1979 and a burgundy Buick Park Avenue Ultra between 1997 and 2002 (See Ron’s Buick). Ron has always had a passion for making things and working with wood, and he has even been recognized for the chairs he has made. Additionally, he despises dishonesty to the point that he is ready to concede defeat in a legal proceeding brought by Jeremy Jamm against him if it meant that his witnesses, April and Tom, would be honest.

The only thing he despises more than lying is skim milk, which he considers to be nothing more than water disguised as milk to trick others. In addition, it is indicated that Ron enjoys eating unhealthy meals rich in cholesterol and fat, such as red meat. When it comes to foreign cuisine, Ron is picky, but if it has the word “meat” in the title, he’ll try anything. He despises fish and asserts that the only appropriate use for it would be for sporting purposes since fish is so close to being a vegetable compared to other types of meat. One notable exception to this rule is shrimp, which he cited as among his “top three favorite foods.”

Ron openly disdains veggies and vegetarians and vegans equally, referring to plants as “food that my food eats.” Ron is a vegetarian.
He also claims that vegans are made of glass, and when he sent a letter to a vegan, he had no issue putting down his address since he believes that vegans are incapable of posing a danger to him. As shown in the episode “Indianapolis,” Ron suffers from a state of shock if he spends an extended amount of time without eating any meat, as evidenced by the fact that when he goes to Chris’s house, he discovers that Chris’s home did not include any red meat.

According to Pawnee Today, Ron has never had a hangover, even after drinking an entire jug of Swanson Liquor in one sip, which is quite potent. This is because he and other Swansons have a very high tolerance for alcohol since they consume a lot of meat and oils. Pawnee Today also reported that other Swansons share the same trait. It is also known that he consumes the equivalent of one shelf of alcohol per week and that he prefers to sip his beverages neat (without ice).

Ron is highly patriotic, yet he has a poor opinion of any nation that isn’t the United States. For instance, when he was in London, he made fun of Big Ben by jokingly declaring that the United States of America most certainly does not have any clocks of its own and by refusing to accept British cash since, in his opinion, the paper used to make American dollars is the most beautiful in the world.

When the nation “Canada” is mentioned to him, he is seen to laugh in embarrassment. In the episode “Anniversaries,” he even attempts to write an angry letter to the country. This can be seen in the attack. Ron is a very private individual proficient in several different self-defense methods. He does not have faith in modern technology. He is unwilling to share personal information with others, going so far as to obscure his name on official government papers and throw away photographs of himself.

After learning about cookies on websites and Google Earth, he eventually became so paranoid that he got rid of his computer and switched to a burner phone so that he couldn’t be followed. In this regard, he is a very traditionalist person. Tom recalls that the next day after Ron has sex with her, he dresses like Tiger Woods by donning a red polo shirt and black khaki trousers.

However, when Ron is with Tammy One, he is made to wear a striped light blue polo and white khakis with a shaved mustache. This is to demonstrate that Tammy One has the ability to neuter Ron into becoming a wimp. On the other hand, according to Leslie, Tammy 2 transforms Ron into a sexually obsessive and frenzied fiend. Because Ron does not put his faith in banks, he has chosen to put his money into the form of gold and save it.

He has hidden his wealth in several places, including those that Tammy One investigated, but she only successfully uncovered Ron’s fake gold in those spots. Even though it is never made clear how much gold Ron had gathered while drafting his will, 5% of Ron’s gold was enough to leave a lawyer and Ben speechless over how large of an amount it was. They even questioned whether or not Ron was kidding and wondered whether he was serious. Only Ron knows how many pounds he has, not how much he possesses.

Ron Swanson Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone Number 910-219-4243
House address (residence address) 193 Miriam St, Guyton, Georgia 31312 America
Official Website NA
Snapchat Id NA
Whatsapp No. NA
Facebook NA
Twitch NA
TiKTok Id NA
Email Address NA
Office address NA
Office Number NA

Ron Swanson Address Information:

193 Miriam St,
Guyton Georgia 31312

Ron Swanson Official Website:

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  5. Ron Swanson’s Phone Number, House Address, Email Id

Ron Swanson Phone Number: 910-219-4243
Ron Swanson Email Id: NA

Ron Swanson Fan Mail Address:

193 Miriam St,
Guyton Georgia 31312

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