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Royalty Family Bio

A family-based vlogging YouTube channel, The Royalty Family, is maintained by Andrea Espada, Ali Saleh, and Ferran  Espada. The Royalty Family is most known for publishing videos of their vlogs as well as comedy skits, challenges, and other related material. Furthermore, they are online celebrities, with their own Instagram profiles, where they upload selfies and other content, among other things. They also have two dogs, Princesa and Gucci, who are part of the family.

The members of the Royalty Family. She relocated from her home Colombia to the United States in 2013 in quest of professional success in the entertainment industry. Andrea has fulfilled her objectives, as seen by the family’s YouTube channel, which has over 9.3 million subscribers, and her TikTok profile, which has 4.6 million followers. Espada’s popularity has extended beyond social media, as she was formerly the presenter of the UFC Now television show. Besides that, she is a passionate fitness enthusiast who has developed a home workout programme in partnership with Gymodo.

Andrea would not have attained the level of success she has now if it weren’t for her family. Andrea’s connection with her fiancé and her two boys will be the subject of this essay. Despite the fact that Andrea’s fiance Ali proposed to her in December 2018, the pair has yet to tie the knot. Ali proposed to Andrea when the couple was on a paragliding holiday with their family in December 2018. He knelt on bended knee as friends captured the joyous occasion on video. Ali and Andrea were both taken aback by the magnitude of the occasion.


A video of Ali’s proposal shows him saying, “I hope you allow me to have the chance to be with you for the rest of my life.” “I’m madly in love with you.” Andrea and Ali had hoped to tie the knot as soon as possible following Ali’s proposal, but their hectic schedules got in the way. In January 2020, the pair aired a video on YouTube announcing their decision to finally tie the knot in the near future. During the video, Ali expresses her desire to marry, saying, “We feel that the timing is right.” “There’s nothing better than being married to your closest friend and spending the rest of your life with them.”

After that, the pair invited followers to share their thoughts on the wedding with them. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the couple was forced to postpone their wedding. We are still hopeful that Andrea and Ali will be able to tie the knot after the epidemic has been managed. Andrea’s first son Ferran is not Ali’s biological kid, but Ali’s biological son Milan is Andrea’s first son Ferran.



Ali, Andrea, Ferran, and Milan are four members of a mixed YouTube family that live in Los Angeles, California. Andrea had a previous connection with Ferran before she met Ali, and Ferran is the result of that relationship. Ali, on the other hand, adopted Ferran as his son, and the two of them have a great father-son attachment. Andrea revealed that she was expecting her second child in December of this year, which was her first. Espada was apprehensive, and she let her viewers to have a peek at the pregnancy test before she examined it herself. For a long time, I’ve wanted to have children, and I know Ali and Ferran want to have children as well.

In May 2020, the family released the first hoax video of the baby’s birth, which went viral. Andrea seemed to be hugely pregnant, yet she had not yet given birth. In June 2020, the arrival of Prince Milan was officially confirmed. The videos of the labour and birth were uploaded to the channel by the family. “Prince M, we are ready for you,” Ali said, his voice breaking with passion. Prince Milan, like Ferran, is already a well-known figure on social media. He has participated in a number of family films and has an Instagram profile that has about two hundred thousand followers, according to his bio.


Royalty Family FanMail Address


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