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REAL NAME: Tommy Lee Jones
NICKNAME: Tommy Lee Jones
DOB:  15 September 1946 (age 75 years), San Saba, Texas, United States
BIRTHPLACE: San Saba, Texas, United States
FATHER:  Clyde C. Jones
MOTHER: Lucille Marie (Née Scott)

Tommy Lee Jones Bio

Tommy Lee Jones is an American actor, screenwriter, and director who is well-known throughout the world. The Fugitive, Men in Black, No Country for Old Men, and Lincoln are just a few of the films that he has appeared in that have left an indelible impression on audiences. It is said that his rough childhood helped him become a “stronger” and “better human being.” He attributes his achievement to his upbringing. His natural ability, contagious enthusiasm, and athletic body gained him a football scholarship as well as the opportunity to perform in a number of school plays and drama shows. He relocated to the city of dreams, New York, where he scored his first film role in the romantic movie ‘Love Story,’ which he co-starred in.

After thereafter, he secured a position as a leading man in the film ‘Jackson County Jail.’ The award-winning film “The Fugitive” gave him his first major role after a succession of minor and supporting roles. He seized the opportunity to play the legendary “US Marshal Samuel Gerard” in the film “The Fugitive.” Beyond acting, he has also directed several films, including “The Good Old Boys” and “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.” He is best known for his role in “The Good Old Boys.” When it comes to his personal life, he is a die-hard ‘San Antonio Spurs’ fan who also happens to be a passionate supporter of the ‘Polo Training Foundation.’ He pursues the matter with the same zeal.

To Clyde C. Jones, a well-known oil field worker in San Saba, Texas, and Lucille Marie, a successful businesswoman, police officer, and school teacher, Tommy Lee Jones was born on September 15, 1946, in San Saba, Texas, United States. He attended ‘Robert E. Lee High School’ and ‘St. Mark’s School of Texas’ before receiving a need-based scholarship to attend ‘Harvard University in the United States. Aside from being heavily interested in football during his school years, he also participated in a number of school plays and musical shows.

Tommy Lee Jones Phone Number

As recently as the late-2010s, he was cast in films such as the 2017 thriller “Shock and Awe,” the 2017 comedy “Just Getting Started,” and the 2017 science fiction film “Ad Astra” (2019). “Wander,” directed by April Mullen, cast him as “Jimmy Cleats” in the thriller film of the same name in 2019. His role as ‘Duke Montana’ in George Gallo’s comedy film ‘The Comeback Trail’ was also cast in the same year as ‘Duke Montana.’

Tommy Lee Jones has given a number of critically lauded performances during his career, but it was his performance in ‘The Fugitive,’ in which he played the character of ‘U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard,’ that secured his place in Hollywood. His deadpan delivery of words, along with his heavy Texan accent, helped him gain widespread fame. A number of prizes, including the prestigious academy Award,’ were bestowed upon him for his role in the action thriller picture

His parents, Lucille Marie (Scott), a police officer and beauty shop owner, and Clyde C. Jones, an oil field worker, raised him in the small town of San Saba, Texas, where he spent his childhood. Tommy himself has experience working in underwater construction and on an oil rig, among other things. He received a scholarship to attend St. Mark’s School of Texas, a famous prep school for boys in Dallas, and then received another one to attend Harvard University. During his time at Harvard, he shared a room with future Vice President Al Gore and played offensive guard in the infamous 29-29 Harvard-Yale football game known as “The Tie” in 1968. In 1969, he got a B.A. in English literature from Harvard University and graduated with honors.

During this time, he also appeared as Dr. Mark Toland on the daytime soap series One Life to Live (1968), which he played from 1971 until 1975. The couple relocated to Los Angeles with their daughter, Kate Lardner, who is the granddaughter of short-story writer/columnist Ring Lardner, and her two children from a previous marriage.

During his time at the university, he began to receive television parts, including the pilot episode of Charlie’s Angels (1976), Smash-Up on Interstate 5 (1976), and The Amazing Howard Hughes (1976). (1977). The two met and fell in love while working on the film Back Roads (1981), which led to their eventual marriage in 1982. More appearances in television—both network and cable—as well as on stage and in cinema helped him establish a reputation as a strong, explosive, and insightful actor who could perform in both supporting and leading parts alike. His directorial debut was in the TNT television series The Good Old Boys (1995). In addition to directing and starring in the film, he also co-wrote the teleplay for the show (with J.T. Allen).

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Elmer Kelton and takes place in west Texas, where Jones has strong family ties. As a result, this storey of a cowboy confronted with the end of an era has a unique significance for him. The majority of his most memorable lines in films are written by him: In the 1993 film The Fugitive, when Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) tells Marshal Gerard that he did not kill his wife, Gerard responds, “I don’t care!” Following his mental collapse in Under Siege (1992), William Strannix delivers the following speech: “Saturday morning cartoons… this little piggy…” A moving speech delivered by John Neville at the film’s conclusion, Eyes of Laura Mars (1978).

Ten days after graduating from Harvard, he won his first professional part in the Broadway production of “A Patriot for Me” (with Maximilian Schell), which ran for 49 performances before being cancelled. After writing an introduction letter to actress Jane Alexander, he was able to secure representation. His account of how he was able to land an agent and a position on Broadway in such a short period of time was featured in an edition of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” The original (and preferred) choice of the studio to play Snake Plissken in John Carpenter’s Escape from New York was Christopher Walken (1981). Because of his previous work, the studio was hesitant to hire Kurt Russell in the role, but he was ultimately placed in it.

Has collaborated with actresses who portray Katharine Hepburn on two occasions. In the 1977 film The Amazing Howard Hughes, he played Howard Hughes alongside Tovah Feldshuh, who played Audrey Hepburn. Hughes’ daughter is played by Cate Blanchett, who previously played Audrey Hepburn in The Aviator (2004), which is also a biography of the man who invented the aeroplane.

Texan actor who has played fellow Texan Howard Hughes is the only one of his generation to do so. Leonardo DiCaprio (The Aviator (2004)), Jason Robards (Melvin and Howard (1980)), Terry O’Quinn (The Rocketeer (1991)), and Warren Beatty (Rules Don’t Apply (2016)) are all American actors who were born in California, Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia, according to their birth certificates.

Is a die-hard supporter of the San Antonio Spurs. In the film The Amazing Spider-Man, he played Howard Hughes. After appearing in Howard Hughes (1977), he went on to act in Batman Forever (1995), which was filmed in the hangar of Hughes’ “Spruce Goose” aircraft. Jones was also a native of Midland, Texas, and went to the same high school as former First Lady Laura Bush, who is now the Governor of Texas.

Season two, episode 12, “The Star System Syndrome,” in the animated series version of Men in Black (1997) featured an animated caricature of him with an animated caricature of his MIB co-star Will Smith, set against a scene parodying another successful film starring Smith, Independence Day (1995). (1996). Is a passionate polo player. He even purchased a home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is located in a polo country club.

In the film Batman Forever (1995), his character Harvey Two-Face decides whether or not to kill his victims by flipping a coin. Twelve years later, he starred as a sheriff in No Country for Old Men (2007), in which he was tasked with apprehending an assassin who kills people at random by asking them to call a coin toss. In the 14 years between The Fugitive (1993) and In the Valley of Elah (1998), he was the only actor to go without receiving an Academy Award nomination (2007).

He has appeared in six films that have been nominated for Best Picture Academy Awards as of 2014: Love Story (1970), Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980), JFK (1991), The Fugitive (1993), No Country for Old Men (2007), and Lincoln (2014, among others) (2012). In this category, only No Country for Old Men (2007) was victorious. His three nominations for Best Supporting Actor have all come for parts in Best Picture nominees JFK (1991), The Fugitive (1993), and Lincoln (1996), all of which he has received (2012). He received the award for his performance in The Fugitive.

The first of three Academy Award-winning actors whose roles were inspired by the works of Victor Hugo were born. The character of Lt. Gerard in the 1993 film The Fugitive was based on Inspector Javert from the musical Les Miserables. Anne Hathaway won an Academy Award for her performance as Fantine in Les Misérables (2012). Heath Ledger earned an Academy Award for his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008), which was based on the character Gwynplaine from the film The Man Who Laughs (1998).

Jones and Hathaway have also both participated in the Batman film series, with Hathaway portraying Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Jones portraying Harvey Dent/Two-Face in Batman Forever (1995), a figure who appears in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and The Dark Knight (2008). In the United States, Tommy Lee Jones is best known for his dryly taciturn depictions of law enforcement officers, military personnel, and cowboys.

A child of oil field laborers, Jones was the only surviving child of a father and a mother who worked in law enforcement, education, and the cosmetology industry. Despite the fact that his father accepted a job in another country, Jones remained in the United States, thanks to a football scholarship that allowed him to attend an exclusive Dallas boarding school. There, he became interested in drama and performed in student performances. Jones subsequently went on to Harvard University, where he shared a dorm room with the future Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. Jones was a member of the football team, most notably playing in the infamous 1968 game between Harvard and Yale that resulted in a draw, and he continued to appear in theatre shows on campus and with repertory companies over the summers after graduating from Harvard.

Jones graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English in 1969 and, after demonstrating that he was physically unsuitable for professional football, relocated to New York City in order to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. He began his acting career in New York City theatre plays before making his feature film debut in the romantic drama Love Story (1970), which was adapted from the novel by Erich Segal. He played as a doctor on the television serial opera One Life to Live from 1971 to 1975, and he made an appearance in the premiere episode of the action-comedy series Charlie’s Angels in 1976.

ones, who had relocated to Los Angeles in 1975, continued to find employment in television, most notably as film producer Howard Hughes in the television series The Amazing Howard Hughes (1977). In addition to The Betsy (1978), an adaptation of novelist Harold Robbins’ pulpy auto industry melodrama in which he played a race-car driver, he appeared in Eyes of Laura Mars (1978), a thriller about a fashion photographer who has precognitive visions of murder in which he played the killer, and Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980), a biographical film about country singer Loretta Lynn in which he played her husband. He also appeared in

Jones was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1982 for his depiction of killer Gary Gilmore in the television version of Norman Mailer’s biographical novel The Executioner’s Song, for which he won the award for best actor in a limited series or special. In addition, he received critical recognition for his convincing portrayal of a former Texas Ranger in the critically acclaimed television miniseries Lonesome Dove (1989), which was adapted from Larry McMurtry’s western novel of the same name.

Following that, Jones starred as Clay Shaw, a Louisiana businessman who is suspected of conspiring to kill United States President John F. Kennedy in JFK (1991), earning him an Academy Award nod for best supporting actor for the role. Jones’ performance as a deputy U.S. marshal seeking a doctor (played by Harrison Ford) who has been wrongly convicted of murder in The Fugitive (1993) garnered him both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor for his performance.

Cobb (1996), in which Jones played baseball legend Ty Cobb, was the film adaptation of John Grisham’s legal thriller The Client (1994). Jones also played a hyperbolically vicious prison warden in Natural Born Killers (1994) and an ambitious prosecutor in The Client (1994). (1994). Jones strayed from his trademark flinty inscrutability for his role as the deranged villain Two-Face in Batman Forever (1995), before playing straight man to Will Smith in the alien comedy Men in Black (1997) and its sequels. Jones is best known for his role as the deranged villain Two-Face in Batman Forever (1995). (2002 and 2012).

He continues to make cameo appearances in films well into the twenty-first century. The film Double Jeopardy (with Ashley Judd) marked his return to more conventional parts, and his portrayal as a man attempting to locate his abducted granddaughter in the western The Missing (with Jennifer Jason Leigh) marked his return to more conventional roles (2003). A few years later, the gloomy drama Melquiades Estrada (2005), about a rancher’s attempts to return the body of his friend to Mexico after an accident, was released, in which the actor both directed and appeared. The Coen brothers’ adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel No Country for Old Men (2007) had Jones as a weathered Texas sheriff, and In the Valley of Elah (2009) featured Jones as a parent trying to locate his son, an Iraq War veteran, who had gone missing (2007).

When Jones appeared in Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s biopic about the titular president, he was once again putting himself in the shoes of a historical character, this time as a United States congressman, Thaddeus Stevens, in 2012. It’s a Western about a pioneer woman (played by Hilary Swank) who must shepherd three mentally ill women from the Nebraska Territory to Iowa in the late nineteenth century, and Jones co-wrote, directed, and performed in The Homesman (2014), which he also co-wrote, directed, and starred in. After that, he appeared in the thriller Criminal, where he played a doctor who transplanted the consciousness of a deceased CIA agent into the brain of a death-row convict (2016).

CIA Director Jones appeared in the film Jason Bourne (2016), a sequel to the action movie starring Matt Damon as the titular rogue agent. Jones was cast as a member of the CIA in the film. Just Getting Started, in which he played an ex-FBI agent who partners up with his competitor at a retirement home to save the woman of both their hearts from kidnappers, was released the following year, marking his first foray into comedy. In the film Shock and Awe, Jones was an experienced journalist who was covering the imminent invasion of Iraq (2017). Later, in the future drama Ad Astra, he featured as the father of an astronaut (played by Brad Pitt), who had gone missing (2019). In 2020, he will appear in The Comeback Trail, a comedy about an insurance scam in which he will co-star alongside Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman.

Tommy Lee Jones
Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone Number(310) 388-3333
House address (residence address)San Saba, Texas, United States
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA
TicTok IdNA
Email AddressNA
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA

Tommy Lee Jones Address information:

Tommy Lee Jones
Viewpoint, Inc.
8820 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 220
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2618

Tommy Lee Jones Official website:

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Tommy Lee Jones phone number: (310) 388-3333
Tommy Lee Jones email id: NA

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Tommy Lee Jones
Viewpoint, Inc.
8820 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 220
Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2618

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