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David Attenborough Contact Details:

REAL NAME: David Attenborough
NICKNAME: David Attenborough
DOB: 8 May 1926 (age 97 years)
BIRTHPLACE: Isleworth, United Kingdom
PROFESSION: Broadcaster
FATHER: Not Known
MOTHER: Not Known
SIBLINGS: Richard Attenborough, John Attenborough, Helga Bejach, Irene Bejach
SPOUSE / WIFE: Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel
CHILDREN: Robert Attenborough, Susan Attenborough

David Attenborough Bio

Over more than sixty years, David Attenborough has been the voice of natural history broadcasts all around the globe. The contributions that he has made to the fields of broadcasting and wildlife filmmaking are without equal. Because of his propensity for taking on new initiatives and transforming them into broadcasts that are praised by people all over the world, he is considered a legend in his business.

The shows that he produces are considered to be the pinnacle of public service broadcasting, even by his most vociferous detractors. In the history of broadcasting, he is the first person who is known to have approached this topic with a great level of credibility. He conducted a study on the most recent findings, won the confidence of the scientific community, introduced novel shots, concentrated on events, and purposefully limited his screen appearance.

As a result of the effect that his wildlife series has had, he has been praised as “the great communicator” and “the peerless educator.” On the other hand, he has been criticized for painting a highly fictitious image of a paradise-like wilderness, which diverts attention away from the danger that people cause to natural flora and wildlife by encroaching on their territory. Additionally, he identifies creationism and overpopulation as the key factors contributing to environmental issues and the diminishing variety of wild animals.

David Attenborough was born on May 8, 1926, in Isleworth, Middlesex, England. His parents were Mary and Frederick Attenborough, who was the head of the ‘University College,’ Leicester. His fascination with collecting fossils, stones, and other natural things began at an early age and continued throughout his life. He attended the “Wyggeston Grammar School for Boys” for his formal education.

After winning a scholarship to attend “Clare College” of “Cambridge University” in 1945, he went on to get a degree in natural sciences from that institution. After being called up for national service in the “Royal Navy” in 1947, he was stationed in North Wales and the Firth of Forth for two years. After serving in the Navy for some time, he joined the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 1952 and eventually became a producer for the Talks department.

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral? and Song Hunter was the title of one of his earlier ventures, which was a series. A three-part series called “The Pattern of Animals” led to the creation of a series about an expedition to gather animals. It was in 1954 that he made his debut transmission of “Zoo Quest,” which was the first of his numerous projects for the “Natural History Unit” under the “BBC.”

Following the founding of the BBC Natural History Unit in 1957, he established the “Travel and Exploration Unit” to assist him in fronting the series “Zoo Quest,” as well as the programs “Travellers’ Tales” and “Adventure.”During the early 1960s, he left the BBC to pursue a degree in social anthropology at the London School of Economics. However, he later returned to the BBC in the capacity of controller of the BBC Two program.

The year 1965 saw his appointment as the controller of ‘BBC Two.’ He planned the timetable to include activities in the following categories: music, arts, entertainment, archeology, experimental comedy, travel, theater, sport, business, science, and natural history. It was in 1967 that he brought televised snooker and the ‘BBC2 Floodlit Trophy’ to the world of television. This was also the year when BBC Two started broadcasting in color.

His promotion to the position of director of programming, in which he was responsible for the production of both ‘BBC’ channels, took place in 1969. Despite this, he declined the chance and went back to his first passion, which was communication and broadcasting.”The Tribal Eye,” “The Explorers,” and “Fabulous Animals” were the subjects of his presentations in the year 1975. After a year had passed, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Turner Broadcasting entered into a co-production agreement to bring “Life on Earth” into production.

He was able to carve his name into the annals of broadcasting history and generate enormous worldwide sales for the BBC by doing research and transmitting the programs “Life on Earth” and “The Living Planet,” which were both shown in the 1970s.”Life in the Freezer” and “The Private Life of Plants” were two of the programs that he broadcast in the early 1990s. To demonstrate the accelerated version of the development of plants, the latter made use of time-lapse photography.

Throughout its broadcast in 2002, “The Life of Mammals” used low-light and infrared cameras to shed light on the behavior of nocturnal creatures. To depict the natural activity of extremely tiny organisms, the documentary titled “Life in the Undergrowth” used macro photography. Reptiles and amphibians were included in the program “Life in Cold Blood,” which was shown in 2008. This brought his collection of programs on all of the main groups of terrestrial animals and plants to a perfect conclusion.

His work includes the production of three-dimensional documentaries for the series ‘Sky 3D,’ which is a two-part documentary about the beginnings of vertebrates. There is also another 3D project that he has completed called “Conquest of the Skies,” which follows the development of flight in animals. Since the year 2014, he has been making appearances as a broadcaster on the program “Tweet of the Day” on BBC Radio 4. He was also the host of the well-known documentary series titled “Blue Planet II” in the year 2017.

Dynasties was a television series that consisted of five episodes, and he was the narrator for all of them. Additionally, he provided the narration for the eight-part documentary series (2019) titled “Our Planet” on Netflix. In the same year, he provided the narration for the documentary movie “Wild Karnataka,” which was about natural history. The 96 natural history programs that he has written, presented, narrated, and produced are unfathomable in terms of sales or influence. The year 1979 marked the beginning of the ‘living’ series, which constitutes a thorough overview of all living forms that exist on the planet.

David Attenborough Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone Number NA
House address (residence address) Isleworth, United Kingdom
Official Website NA
Snapchat Id NA
Whatsapp No. NA
Facebook NA
Twitch NA
TiKTok Id NA
Email Address NA
Office address NA
Office Number NA

David Attenborough Address Information:

David Attenborough Productions, Ltd.
(Production Company)
5 Park Road
Surrey, TW10 6NS

David Attenborough Official Website: NA

Best Methods to Contact David Attenborough :

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  5. David Attenborough’s Phone Number, House Address, Email Id

David Attenborough Phone Number: NA
David Attenborough Email Id: NA

David Attenborough Fan Mail Address:

David Attenborough
David Attenborough Productions, Ltd.
5 Park Road
Surrey, TW10 6NS

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